How To Use Black Moon Energy

By Sarah: If you live in Africa or Europe, due to time differences you will have experienced the night of the Dark Moon on 1 August. A Dark Moon occurs every month, but every 32 months a Black Moon occurs.

A Black Moon is like a Blue Moon – twice in one month except a Blue Moon is for two full moons in one month and a Black Moon is two Dark Moons in one month. You are unable to see them as the moon is pitch black.

1sarah6 So this August on the 30th we have a second Dark Moon, which is known as a Black Moon. In one calendar month we get two opportunities to manifest what we want in our life leading up to the full moon two weeks later. Because it is very exciting and rare cosmic event, I thought I’d tell you how to manifest your dream desire using the Black Moon energy.

The Dark Moon happens in the early hours of the 30th August but you will do your manifesting on that evening . This is a time when you connect with a sense of self, surrounding yourself with close friends and family, give thanks to the previous 28 days of living and working out what things you wish to manifest. The moon now starts growing in brightness up towards the full moon, which occurred on August 15th.The next full moon is on September 14th and this is known as a Harvest Moon – traditionally the time when we would harvest our crops. But you can use this imagery to manifest your own bountiful harvest from what you actually visualize. The energy from a Black Moon is incredibly powerful and forms its own time loop from Black Moon to Black Moon just like an Eclipse of the Sun or the Moon forms its own connection in time.

To welcome in this event perhaps, over the weekend hold a dinner party or even a small ritual with close friends and family. Everyone brings something to the food table that night so it becomes a bring and share – somewhat tribal. You then write down on a piece of paper exactly what you want to manifest by 2022 or even earlier. These papers are then put into a bowl and set on fire – thus sending the request to the heavens. It is also good to burn the correct candle during this time – green to welcome money, yellow to welcome courage, pink for love and red for passion. Burn some incense too and ask everyone who attends to come dressed in a theme ie: dressed in black, dressed in purple.

If you are starting off the manifestation process as a beginner, the maximum time it will take you to materialize something is usually three months. However, doing this ritual on a Black Moon will accelerate your visualization process. If you want more information on how to create and manifest what you want in your life come and chat with me and I will guide you through the process.

Remember that although we have days of the week and months of the year we also have moon cycle to moon cycle, which is an incredible way to monitor and track chapters in your life. These cycles sit comfortably with the soul as they have been followed for thousands and thousands of years..

Happy Manifesting!

The next Black Moon will be on April 30th 2022.


Love and Light,


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