How To Think Your Way To Love

So you are love starved and scouring the globe for a romantic relationship and though you have dated many, you still have not found, the “ONE.”

As I have told many clients over the years, “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” That being said, there are a few other things which you can do to attract the kind of mate you want.

1. Visualize: Take 15 minutes a day to sit and just daydream about your future mate. Close your eyes, open your heart and imagine every scenario you would enjoy with your new partner. If you like concerts, see yourself there with your intended other. If you like traveling, see that and the countries you would visit. If you like certain features like hair color, height, weight or if you prefer a certain career or particular interests like photography etc., then add those into your visualization.

2. Pray: Prayer is a wish you project into the universe where angels are waiting to help make it so. Negating or negative thinking will dissolve that wish so be optimistic and patient. You get back the same measure you put out, if you don’t put any energy into creating what you want, don’t expect the angels to do it for you. It’s your life and it’s up to you to create the life you want.

3. Journal: WRITE IT DOWN and BE SPECIFIC! Every single thing you want in a mate: Honest, reliable, kind, compassionate, handsome/beautiful (inside and out), tall, short, hair/bald/color, approximate age, successful, financially stable, humble, confident, emotionally and mentally stable, those with no addictions, someone who has self-respect and self- worth, (you’d be surprised how important that is) those who are healthy, etc.

4. Gratitude: Give thanks as if it is already done. The universe responds to a grateful heart, it’s just that simple. “Count your blessings before and after they come and more will come your way.”

5. Be still: Stop chasing love because you are chasing it away. Be still and trust that there is a perfect mate for you. Exercise a little faith and allow enough of a void to be filled. When you create a void by taking your mind off of trying to find someone, the universe seeks to fill that empty space. If you want more clothes, give some away. If you want more love, give yours to others. Get busy volunteering or helping someone else feel loved and get your mind off of you. When you are least or not looking at all is when love truly finds you. Stop looking.

6. Be flexible: The mate you want my not fit all the things you have dreamed of having but be sure and be flexible. Everyone has met the funny one or the intellectual one or the serious one and dismissed them because they were not exactly what was expected. But some of the greatest relationships out there are those which are polar opposites.

7. Be the kind of mate you want: Again, heal yourself, wounds, fears, jealousy, insecurity, etc. You will attract what you are if you don’t fix it first. Are you the kind of person YOU would want to date? It not, then you have some work to do first.

When you really set your mind on anything there is nothing you can’t do.

If you would like to know more about attracting that perfect mate get in touch with me, I have helped countless people in my 23 year career find and gain the love they deserve.

Love and only love,

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5 thoughts on “How To Think Your Way To Love

  1. Jernicer

    I’m am in a relalationship with this man name lance that I have been talking to almost 2 months now but we both got love for each other but I have not talk to him Wednesday or Tuesday and I just want to now is he in a relalationship with someone else other than me or do he really want to be with me for good or go our separate way

  2. Jernicer

    I love lance more than anything in this world I’m willing to do anything to make our relationship to work and start a family and get married and have kids together and be the happiest couple

  3. Jernicer

    And why is he ,not answer any of my phone calls or text is his cellphone really broken or he just ignore me just to be with someone else other than me is he waisting my time right now


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