How To Manifest Money

By Sarah: I have been the poverty mindset for many, many years and at one stage, I really thought there was no place for me in this world. I learned some wise lessons – the importance of two pieces of bread, for example and just ten dollars of electricity or gas.

On my spirit-journey, I learnt many magical things to attract money – which all make perfect sense in our 3D world. However, as many are now upgrading to a 4D and 5D reality I can show you some easy ways to start to attract money into your life simply by using thought.


I cannot stress enough to you, dear Reader, that your thoughts create your reality and it is so important for you to guard your thoughts and ensure each thought pattern is infused with the energy of love and not fear. This is the first step to creating wealth no matter what your circumstance. No more worry about money.
When you are at the bottom of the pit, swamped with debt, worrying about how you are going to pay the Mortgage at the end of the month – this is the time to start using external tools to entrench new and positive ideas towards earning more money.
The first step is writing down in a book the ideal amount you need to live a good life on. Don’t get greedy with your first attempt – don’t ask for the billions of dollars at this stage – work out a budget that includes, luxury items, entertainment, clothing, etc. besides just the roof over your head and meals to eat so that your life can be comfortable. Write down the amount in big letters in a book that you keep by the side of your bed and when you doubt the financial manifesting process just open up the book and look at the amount you have written down.
The next step is to get yourself a green candle to burn – green represents money. Burn this candle over a couple of nights,knowing that it’s being burned in honor of the Angel of money that will soon be sending you financial blessings. Every time the green candle burns imagine the green energy turning into dollar bills.
Another step is to look around you at some of the wealthier and successful members of your family, friends and/or co-workers. I suggest that you ask about five or six different wealthier people to give to you a coin. You collect these coins and wrap them in a green cloth and tie it with binding so it forms a little pouch. This little pouch can be carried around in your bag, in your pocket, in your purse. Every time you take this money and feel it, shake the pouch and hear the coins hitting together –  the good energy from who donated these coins to you will rub off within your energy field.
Go to the local library and get out books on famous business people – Branson, Trump, Oprah – whoever. If you can’t get to the library, google on some of the business success stories so that you can know and see that most financially successful people have all been through the process of being poor and losing everything they own – besides their own individuality.
You need to dream and think and be creative – all the daydreaming you were told to stop at school now begins again to get you out of the financial slump you now find yourself in.
If you start this entire manifestation period today – in three months you will see that great changes have come into your life this I guarantee.
Focus clearly on what you WANT to achieve with money rather than on what you FEAR will happen with money and you would have already started an incredible upward journey – no matter what your financial situation is right now.
You are certainly not alone in your poverty and distress – this does NOT define who you are as a person – give me a call or have a chat and let me show you how to turn your financial dreams into reality and help you create miracles in your life.


Love and Light
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