How To Magnetize Your Ideal Partner

By Sofia: Do you want to have a harmonious loving relationship? Or attract the partner of your dreams? There are so many factors to base on when we examine why a relationship doesn’t seem to work. We consider personality types, attachment styles, temperaments, love languages, star signs, and the like. 

As an energy healer and relationships coach, I work with women on balancing and discovering the power of their inner feminine. It is worth looking into the energetic dynamic of relationships. Are you wondering how did your energy cause a rift in your relationship? It could be with your partner, a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or even a single interaction with a stranger. Let me shed some light on this subject, so continue to read on. 


We all have these inherent energies that have nothing to do with gender. Yin refers to the feminine energies in life, and Yang refers to the masculine energies in life. However, for thousands of years, society had taught and expected us to be only feminine or masculine. A man must lead, a woman must follow. It’s okay for a woman to cry, but shame on a man who does. Even the toys we play with and the activities we enjoy are gender-based. 

By now, people are starting to validate a man’s emotional breakdown in relationships and a woman’s competence in higher roles. It’s wonderful to normalize a man who’s in touch with his feminine energy and a woman who knows how to access her masculine energy. The key to sustaining a healthy relationship is BALANCING both energies. The masculine and the feminine energies are like the poles of a magnet. Which dominant energy you possess determines the harmony of your relationship. Remember the principle that opposite poles attract. So if you and your partner display the right amount of your core polar energies, it results in good, stable, and meaningful connections. 

Imbalance occurs when your dominant energies fall into the same side of the pole. There will be a constant battle on who takes the lead and decides if both of you are expressing dominant masculine energies. This is why you and your partner always bump heads, and it’s taxing because you are supposed to complement each other and not be in competition. Two dominant feminine energies also cause stagnant relationships because neither the man nor the woman is comfortable taking charge or initiating.

Thus, it is best to know when it is appropriate to use your less dominant energy to be in a harmonious situation. So it’s fine when sometimes a woman leads, then the man follows, or the man leads, and the woman follows. When we learn to be aware of our core energies and dominant energies at a certain point in the relationship when conflicts arise, we can shift the location of our energies on the pole to match our partner’s and achieve the perfect yin-yang balance.

What’s a masculine or feminine energy, and how to know if you carry wounded energy?  

Masculine energy

  • likes to take action, build, fix and control (wounded: controlling, aggressive, always busy)
  • likes to make decisions, purpose-driven, solve problems (wounded: anxious, overthinking, stuck in the past or future, easily angered and critical)
  • likes to take challenge and competition (wounded: afraid of failure, restless, rigid)
  • likes to have freedom, be admired and respected (wounded: emotionally unavailable, selfish, needs to be right)


Feminine energy

  • likes to be open, receive, free-flowing (wounded: afraid to speak her truth, afraid to say No, displays weak boundaries)
  • likes to create, support, emotion-driven (wounded: easily attached, doing things she doesn’t want to do, drowning in emotions)
  • likes to inspire, nurture, and gather (wounded: manipulative avoids risks, dependent)
  • likes to be connected, be protected, and understood (wounded: insecure, waits to be saved, submissive, lacks self-worth)

Masculine and feminine energies are both equally important. It’s necessary to have both, not giving up on the other, so remember, the key is BALANCE. Be centered on your core energy when necessary, notice the dominant energy of your partner, and align your energies in the pole to keep the attraction. Having similar extreme energies in a time of conflict will only drive each other away. So, shift the wounded energies (imbalance) to healthy ones (empowered). It is how we build healthy relationships and attract opportunities to live the life we desire.  


Love, Light and Healing, 



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