How To Know If You’re “In Love”

By Shannon: As valentines day approaches, the concept of “Love” is put into the spotlight which brings us to think about being “In Love”.

I do think it’s important to know what people describe as feeling when they fall in love with someone and how the lives align for a solid future as going into a solid future is important with someone you love.

Here’s a few questions to help you define if you feel you’re ‘in love’ with your P.O.I.(Person of Interest). Just answer yes/no to each question then check the summary at the end.

1. Do you think about the person a lot or at all each day?   


2. When you make plans for even the near future do you think about the POI in those plans? 

3. When you are talking to people about your life do you talk about your poi?

4. Do you imagine the two of you together in a happy life together?

5. Think about your feelings and what you feel for the POI, do you feel they are good for your life? 

6. Does the POI like the same things you like and love to talk about and or spend time doing the things you love and they love?

7. When you see yourself in the future do you feel the POI and you could be happy together?

8. When you think about your POI do you feel your eyes and face light up with joy?

9. Do you get along with people in your POI’s life and see yourself with them in the future too?

10. Do you feel your in love feeling happy around or talking to or interacting with your POI?


7-10 Yes

In Love
If you said Yes to 7-10 of the questions its very likely your very much in love with your POI. Your mind is filled with ideas and happiness about things you two can plan and do together and have a very happy life planned for the future together. Once you both align life can go forward knowing you’re
in love.

5-7 Yes
You may be on the way to being ‘in love’, but still have a way to go, maybe friends leading to romance or more friendship, but either way, the love needs more before you can say you’re deeply in love but that’s okay, maybe
you both need more time together or interactions and caring or loving one another is enough for now. The future can still be bright. 

Very likely still in the attraction stage or not in love yet, but friends or flirty romance, not deeply in love, but on the way. Maybe to establishing a more solid base for life and then work it out between you, but question yourself maybe not in love yet.

Thank you everyone, and if you want a love reading, come in and see one of our experienced psychics.


Love and Light,


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