How To Improve Your Intuition And Practice Psychic Skills

By Pascale: There are many methods and tools available to develop and explore your intuition, from websites to spiritual groups, or psychics offering classes online or in person. The range of choice is wide and can be confusing, especially if you are new to it.  

Usually, though this is far from a rigid rule developing your intuition and practicing psychic skills with a group of likeminded people or with the help of just one person can be more rewarding as the energies are more evident, easier to pick up on, and you have access to a teacher/mentor who can guide you and give feedback.  

Of course you can also develop and exercise your intuition on your own too. The only exception is that if you wish to practice mediumship and you are just beginning, then it is best to have someone experienced in that field with you or that you join a mediumship/spiritual group, because trustworthy and guidance is a must.


In most cases, before you begin to explore your intuition, you will want to ensure you remain on the safe and grounded side, and I would strongly recommend that you choose and follow one or more protection rituals that also include meditation.  Remember: Be patient with yourself, and select what you feel most comfortable with.

Here are a couple of steps that will help you promote calm, protect you and your surroundings, as well as help you open, manifest, and increase your intuition.  They are the steps of: (1) cleansing & protection and (2) meditating (which can be done in any order):

  1. Cleansing and protecting

This step will not only clear the energy around you, but it will help promote protection in your surroundings. Below are simple ritual examples to explore and practice on their own or combined:

  • Light up one large white candle as if you were preparing a special event, or with an intention to stick to the light and bring positivity to your spiritual practice;
  • Smudge incense, sage or Palo Santo wood in the room where you will practice your intuition, or your entire home for example;
  • Recite a mantra, a prayer, a special quote that means something to you or that you wrote.
  1. Meditation

There are hundreds of meditations available online, and, if you are new to it, then select a guided meditation (not just calming music) or attend a meditation group. On average, ten minutes of meditation is enough to prepare you to practice psychic exercises, but there is no doubt that the length of the meditation can be adjusted to your preference. Some of you will prefer walking, swimming, yoga, etc. to a meditation and that is fine too, but preferably, only do so if you have already experienced what meditation has to offer and you may find that meditation becomes necessary when you want to stretch your intuition/psychic skills to deeper levels of experimentation/professionalism.

The following practical example is the one I use on a daily basis: it involves taking a few deep, long breaths, focusing on light inside your body gradually expanding from within your heart until it oozes through your skin to fill the space around you, and further expand into the room you’re in and beyond.  

You may wish to remember to have a notepad ready to record your psychic/intuitive practice as you progress, and it could include keeping a dream journal to learn about their symbolism and meaning,.

Practicing psychic exercises: 

  1. This first, simple clairvoyance exercise will break the monotony of a bus/train/plane ride. With this example, a few deep breaths and/or a protective mantra is all that may be needed in the form of protection and meditation:

A If you are stuck on a long bus/plane or train ride, you will try and guess what a person turning their back to you looks like: eye colors, shape of face, nose, mouth, etc. Is it someone with a spark in their eyes or an anxious face? Has the man got a moustache? Does this woman wear make-up? Etc. Get into the details, be specific. Once you have a mental picture, and when it becomes possible, glance at that person’s face. Does it validate your vision?  

B Similarly, if you are a passenger in a car or waiting at a bus stop, try and guess the color, make, shape of the next car or truck or motorcycle that will come from the opposite direction, within a certain time frame. Is there a match?

  1. This clairvoyance exercise is one you can practice on a walk.  Set your intention asking, for example, what type of person or group of people will you next cross on the pathway: will it be a man? A woman? A family? Get a mental description of their looks, are they tall? What is their hair color? What are they wearing? What is their walking style?  Are they running? Etc. Try and keep a mental note of the total of times you experimented on that walk and how many times you got it right and wrong.
  2. Practice clairvoyance, claircognizance, remote viewing and empathy: Choose a celebrity you barely know anything about, (not someone deceased). Find a picture of that person, get into a meditative state – and here, you will include in your intention a request for permission to sense that person’s energy field and offer to remain respectful of their boundaries and privacy – then visualize that person, feel them, and try and guess which part of the world they live in, their surroundings, their house. What family background did they grow up in? Are they in a relationship? How did that celebrity rise to fame? Etc. then write down as much as you can. Let your thoughts run free and finally, compare your findings with any available valid information about that celebrity and see if it corroborates.
  3. Practice Psychometry (ability to read a person’s energy by making physical contact with a personal possession) with a friend/a group where everyone brings an object. You then practice touching that object and attempt to pick up on any impressions you get from the object’s owner and jot down your thoughts before sharing them to verify the information. This is not just fun, but fulfilling as you can get results quickly.
  4. Guess how a place will look

Practice clairvoyance/remote viewing. The next time you know you will visit a place you’ve never seen before, a friend’s house, a theatre, a fun park, etc., meditate before that visit and set an intention to visualize the location and its looks. Then, either write down a description of that location and/or draw it, allowing anything that comes to mind. When you visit that place later, compare it with your notes/drawings. You will find it interesting and the more you practice the more rewarding this can get too.

  1. Finally, what follows is a combination of exercises you can do on your own and that may not be the most entertaining as they are practiced with technology instead of people and you may sometimes feel a bit like a laboratory rat. Nevertheless, it will help you develop and push your intuition from a different point of view, as well as explore different concepts.

Remember: Practice makes perfect and… The sky’s the limit! 


Love and Light,


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