How To Find A Soulmate

By Sarah: Most of the clients I get are very concerned that they are never going to meet their soulmate – or that they have met their soulmate in their past and they are now destined to live a life of loneliness forever. The Universe does not work like that.


Soulmates come into our lives as part of a karmic contract. The two individuals are meant to teach other aspects of life and emotions. But if your life is just on repeat all the time and you have spent some time being single perhaps this article will help you break out of your mold and lead you directly to your next love relationship. Here are ten ideas to help you find someone new.
1. If you are consulting with a psychic adviser because you want to know if love is coming into your life, you can be certain that within the next four months a soulmate relationship is coming your way. Your sixth sense has picked up on the fact that your soulmate is looking for you RIGHT NOW in a very busy world.
2. Calm your mind and be open to receiving and giving love. Learn mindfulness and how to love yourself first. Once YOU love YOU, others can love you too.
3. The Festive Season is almost upon us – the perfect time to fall in love with someone special. Make a deal with yourself that you are going to accept EVERY social invitation this Season. Widening your social circle is a sure way to meet the new person of your dreams.
4. Live outside your comfort zone. Security is a myth. You will never attract change into your life if you do not start expanding and growing. Bring small changes into your life – change your route you drive to work. Switch the order of washing your face and brushing your teeth. Small changes bring big changes so start putting the plan into action.
5. Be on the look out for someone who is compassionate to animals as they are usually calm and nurturing people. If you have a dog, take the dog out for a walk. Sit on a park bench with your dog and feed the pigeons. If you don’t have a dog – feed the pigeons anyway. Or offer to walk dogs for people and get paid to do something that will allow you to interact with other animal lovers.
6. Ask your friend’s wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner if they know anyone eligible that they could introduce you to. A dinner party is easy to organize and even if there is no chemistry with this person it opens the door to meet new people. Expand your friendship circle!
7. Be friendly to less than attractive men and women- what the person lacks in good looks they will make up for in personality.
8. Speak New Age talk – you would be amazed at how many people are out there practising mindfulness and going within rather than blaming the world for their problems. This is especially so with online dating. You need to find someone who understands the law of karma and has an interest in astrology and crystals. You don’t want to attract someone who lives in victim mode all the time as associating with them will be emotionally draining on you and you aren’t going to go into a relationship just to be a rescuer.
9. Join a club of some kind that has interest to you – this could be horse riding, running, chess, cooking classes – anything that brings you closer to new people.
10. When it comes time to making a date to meet, don’t be a push over. Check over your diary and don’t make out that you haven’t had a date in five years. Yes, you will be nervous on your first date, but turn that anxiety into excitement – this is your chance to meet someone new.
If you are still convinced you are going to spend the rest of your life alone, book a Tarot Reading session with me and let me help you open up the doorway to love.


Love and Light,
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