How To Create A Miracle In Your Life

By Sarah: Every healer at some stage has usually read a book called A Course in Miracles. It is three books in one with a study manual included and it teaches you how to create miracles. I have just read the book for a third time and felt compelled to write an article for all the wonderful LifeReader clients on how to create a miracle. Creating miracles are also what I help my clients to do.

However, Miracles come from the deepest part of love that we have in our consciousness, so you can pray as hard as you like for a person to come into your life and if it is not for the Highest Good, it will not happen. However, it is always worth a shot and as you go along the path of creating a miracle you will find some amazing things happen to you on the journey.

1sarah6 One of the main things that you have to realize when creating a miracle is that there are certain things that you need to do first to take back your inner power and core. We live in such a capitalistic society we are bombarded with advertising and the media telling us what to do and how we should be. So you need to cut off from all of that junk and just be you.

You have to slow down life so that you are working with the Universe and not earthly timing. You need to bring yourself down to a level of inner peace which cannot be done under any circumstances if you have any hate in your heart. So it’s best to go over past memories and see which ones still need to be worked through. By doing this consciously and voluntarily, you are avoiding issues down the line where life will bring you an experience in order to teach you how to forgive. It is a bit like skipping time. I suggest a great audio book which is free on YouTube called The Tao of Pooh. I would listen to this book each night for an hour before you go to sleep for five nights and then evaluate how the book has changed you. The book will teach you how to go with the flow.

Then you have to understand that nothing is real – everything is just a hologram. This is a hard one, but practice each day looking at a chair, and saying ‘this chair is not real’. Or a shopping complex ‘this shopping complex is not real’. The only thing that is absolutely real in this world is the energy of love. Everything else is unreal. This is the Law.

Where two or more are gathered in My Name” it is scriptured in some holy texts that where two or more are gathered in my name, so shall it be. So bring along another like minded kindred spirit for the ride. You can both create and observe the miracle as it goes along.

The Holy Spirit – nothing is more powerful than anything on this earth than the Holy Spirit. And why would I say this? Because the earthly soul had to experience such humility, pain and sorrow before it crossed over to the other side. Because the whisper of the Holy Spirit is said to be God’s breath. Because the Holy Spirit always works.

There is no miracle bigger than another. Needing a bottle of coffee or needing a car is all the same thing. There is no time frame for a miracle as there is no timing in the ethos; Symbology is very powerful in creating miracles as are a sacred space to put photographs and crystals.

So let me give you an example of how to create a miracle. Gather two or more of you together and set the game plan as to what you want to happen. Let’s say Jimmy has walked out on his marriage and within 3 weeks shacked up with another woman. The wife is left devastated. She can’t understand where her man has gone. A group of friends would then take a photograph of Jimmy and place it on a sacred spot on a shelf. They would then put a few rose quartz on the photograph – representing purest love. They would then ask that his soul be healed and that he returns to his family. That he would wake up out of his slumber. That the greatest love is sent to him. Now get a small cup of water and ask it to be blessed by the Holy Spirit – yes anyone can do this. Sprinkle this holy water around the photograph and say The Lords Prayer, which is a very powerful sacred script. Research an Arch Angel that you wish to call on your quest for a miracle blessing.

Now you are creating a miracle here. You have to have patience. You have to send love to Jimmy. There has to be no contact – or very little contact – between him and his wife. What happens is that the Angels then go to Jimmy and start working on his soul. They bring him experiences to help wake him up – usually painful and emotional experiences as humans only wake up to a spiritual life with emotional pain. You need to trust in the Angels and in the Holy Spirit to wake up this man to his full souls purpose. Believe with the purest heart.

When this is done, what usually happens is very quickly the honeymoon period wears off and Jimmy starts to dislike his lover and miss his wife. He misses his children, his home. He misses his wife’s energy and love and he remembers his vows.

I have seen this happen time and time again with different couples – myself included. The man comes home a better person than he was before. Even John Lennon did it to Yoko Ono. However, whilst you are creating a miracle you cannot look down while you are walking on water. You have to keep staring ahead at the final outcome.

Anything done with love will be blessed by the Universe. You just have to have the patience to wait it out.
Let me guide you on the path of creating your own miracle. In my next article I will explain scientifically why miracles happen and work.

Love and Light,


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