How To Clear Your Aura

There are different ways to clear the aura. One of these methods is through mediation and another is through smudging the aura.

There is a mantra which states that “the aura is a bio magnetic field and distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source.” Everything has an Aura; plants, animals, humans, minerals and even the Earth.

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My routine is to first smudge; I do this by using sage. I burn the sage lightly, not thickly and do this once a month. The smoke from the sage hovers around my aura and by doing that it takes the place of negative energy. The smoke fills my aura and engulfs all that negativity. Also, I personally find it hard to meditate and for that reason I use particular music to help me do that and relax to be able to.

With this music, I can sit and listen to what feels right for me and that was the actual sound of recordings of the universe music. So, whilst listening to this I can visualise the negative leaving through my feet and the positive coming in through my head. Then I visualise the positive energy flowing into my aura and being absorbed into my body.

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The mantra I use can vary; this is can be a personal preference and also being a Reiki master I can clear that energy and aura through healing. Hope this is a start of a great week for you,

Edwina xoxo

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