How To Bring Your Lover Back

By Sarah: Most of my clients come to me asking for advice concerning their ex. I have found from years of relationship counseling that there are not many couples in the world who have gone past the seven year cycle in a monogamous relationship. What has happened is that society has broken down so much, those who wish to have one love their entire life do not know how to handle the various upheavals that come with a life partner relationship and when problems hit they simply break up rather than work their way through the issue at hand.

1sarah6 In a long term relationship, you will certainly have your ups and downs. Unless you are pure and evolved in all aspects of your life and soul, you can certainly expect addiction and infidelity to come into your relationship as a life lesson in discipline and forgiveness. There will also be times that you feel bored with your partner and other times that you will develop a massive crush on someone – usually someone at your place of work or within your social circle. These are not meant to be acted upon they are simply placed in your path so that you will turn closer to your partner and open up communication. Ask anyone who has not resisted temptation but has gone into an affair with eyes wide open – the excitement is there but the guilt is tremendous. Having an extra-marital sexual affair also brings bad karma into your life and you will spend more money on psychics as you try to read your partner’s mind or work out where you stand in the triangulation of an online or physical affair.

When communication breaks down in a relationship the arguments persist and lots of fighting and mud slinging usually happens and the couple breaks up. This is usually because one of the partners is living too much in the ego and not giving enough to the other person. If you have found yourself in this situation and are living apart from the one you love then here is some advice for you.

The first thing you do is to withdraw your energy away from the other person you are estranged from. They need to know what it is like to live without you. Without your thoughts, your advice, your kindness and your understanding. For most people, this is a very hard thing to do as we feel we need to tell the other person how much we love them. No – we need to value ourselves and let the other person go to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. They cannot do this if you are still contacting them.

You send them a message that you love them very much and you appreciate that they need some space to be alone. And then you stop all contact. If they want to find you and contact you they will find a way. But they will have to make an effort. This means you do not keep checking up on their online profiles – in fact, you block them so that they have to wonder what YOU are up to. You don’t ask friends what is going on in their life and every time you think about them flip the switch and say a prayer for your partner to wake up and for you to have the inner strength to cope during this period.

The situation you are facing being separated from your partner is very common in almost every marriage/long term partnership. So you may as well face it as best you can. And that means NO ENERGY to your partner. Let them live in this world without you, let them lose contact with the one person who brings meaning into their lives. Let them miss you beyond reason and in a short time, they will return. However, if you continue to be there for them, then they will not suffer or learn from the choices that they have made. You have to cut them off and believe that if you love someone, you must set them free. If they come back to you, they are yours. If they don’t then, they never were and its best you move on with your journey and send out the energetic signal that your true soulmate can pick up. You will not be single for long and life will take on true meaning for you, simply because you took back your own inner power.

If you are in an affair with someone and they are promising to leave their partner, but never do, then do the same thing. Tell them you love them, but it is time for them to make a decision as to where you feature in their lives. And then cut all contact. They will either be unable to function in their life because they miss you so much or they will move on. If they move on do not let your ego get injured – just know it is a sign from the Universe that you no longer have to waste your time kissing a frog.

Take back your power and value the energy that you give out to the world. If someone refuses to respect you and be thankful for the time you give them, then they need to experience what life is like without them having you in their world. If you can truly cut off in a loving and kind way, then very quickly you will experience what it is that you wish to accomplish. A true, honest and loving committed partnership.

I cannot stress enough – if you keep being there for someone who is acting like they don’t want you then nothing will change. Your actions will decide if the battle just gets drawn out and becomes more negative as the weeks go by, or if in a period of a few weeks your partner wakes up to what you offer to benefit their life.

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