How To Attract Your Dream Soulmate

By Sofia: I often get asked when I will meet my true soulmate, and though I can provide this answer to you with a reading, the biggest factor affecting the timing is YOU! Let me give you a better understanding about your soul’s journey on this earth and what is a soulmate’s role in it!

Each and every of us comes on this earth starting life on a different consciousness level. As our soul yearns for being where it belongs – constantly connected to divine source – it seeks for those experiences, situations and people in order to grow and reach new and higher states of consciousness. This is where soulmates come to play a part in our soul’s evolution.


The term soulmate often relates to romantic connections. However, a soulmate isn’t necessarily a lover. Soulmates come in our lives playing many different roles like a friend, a mentor, a spiritual healer, a colleague or even a stranger we connected only briefly but gave us a valuable insight. Most of the time, we fail to realize that people we don’t get along well are also soulmates. A soulmate isn’t always a person we experience joy with. In fact, most of our soulmates turn to be our biggest teachers.

Soulmates are bound with soul contracts. We agreed on these contracts well before we came to this life and every contract we signed predetermines what a soulmate’s part is and for how long they are going to play their part. This is why some people come and go into your life. A soulmate isn’t always meant to be forever and there is always free will to choose your path. The “part” I mention is often a new awareness level you need to reach in order for your soul to expand and grow to who you really meant to be; a powerful vibrational being.

Usually, we learn our biggest lessons for our soul’s evolution from connections that we deeply care about! This is why we mainly associate a soulmate with a lover. This is why you met your ex or you had a painful, but life-alterning and deeply enlightening break up. If you have already noticed, a “lesson” – usually a painful experience – will keep coming as a repeated experience with different people until you outgrow your limitations. Your life will constantly keep pushing you towards consciousness, awareness, growth and expansion. It is your inner guidance yearning to reach your higher self. The more open you are to receiving this guidance the more likely to reach your highest power to this lifetime. It is your mission on this earth to experience unconditional love and extreme happiness.

So, to answer how to attract your dream soulmate, you first have to be one of an equal vibration. Your ideal partner will meet you when you are ready to receive. Your vibration expands as your soul grows. The physical experience of life is to help you become the person you really want to be with the partner you dream, create and live a life that you truly love. You are always protected and blessed, but you have to be wise enough to appreciate the experiences and guidance you receive.

Here’s some ways to fast track your soulmate attraction:

Do you experience repeated painful stories in your love life? What do you deny to see?
What ex partners you appreciate for the lessons you learned? How did you grow?
Which part of you need healing and love? Do you love yourself first unconditionally?
In what ways do you mind your vibration? Do you focus on the positives of life?
Have you imagined how your dream soulmate will be? Have you written every detail down yet?
Most importantly, what kind of person have you become for your partner? If you seek out for an ideal, are you an ideal yourself?

Take some time to reflect on these and do the inner work! Your energy attracts like! Learn to enjoy this life’s soul searching and don’t be in a hurry to meet the “one”. When you are ready you will know it!


Love, Light and Healing,


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