How To Attract The Right Partner

By Sofia: Have you asked yourself why you never seem to find the right partner? Why did your relationships fail in the past? You could be someone who’s single or in a relationship right now, but still unhappy. So what seems to be the issue? How do we find and build a long-lasting relationship that is right for us?

Looking for the right partner begins with knowing clearly who we are and what we specifically want to experience in a relationship. Thus, leading us to the kind of life partner we want. If you don’t know from where you start and where you want to go, how will you get there, right?

Here is a simple guideline that will help set our inner compass in attracting our desired relationship:



These are just a few examples of questions that will help you know where to find a potential partner and who to focus dating:

What are my strengths and weaknesses?
Which parts of me need healing?
Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
What is my love language?
How much sex do I want in my love life?
Do I want kids? How many?
Do I love myself?
What do I want to experience in a relationship?

By honestly answering these questions above and recalling the conclusions or lessons you learned from the past by looking at yourself as objectively as you can, you will come up with a mental description of your ideal partner. It may seem too good to be true, but you have to believe in yourself that it is the kind of partner you deserve. It is possible to attract this person in your life.

Your present self reflects the kind of partner you are looking for, either moving forward or going back to an old state. Noticing your patterns, do you keep attracting similar traits of your previous partners and it never worked out? Knowing who you are before entering a relationship could possibly save you from wasting your time with the wrong person and a hurtful breakup.


This step is crucial. Many of us enter a new relationship expecting the new person to heal our wounds and save us. But this is not how it should be. You must do deep, inner work to get to the relationship that you want.

This means to give yourself enough time to heal, to learn to love yourself, treat yourself as a priority, and let yourself be happy, be great, without asking anyone else’s permission. When you start accepting, loving, and being happy with yourself, the law of attraction starts to work for you.

The experience may be painful from the start such as letting go of a soulmate, but it is going to be transformative. Trust that your desires will come true. Be open and be ready to receive with a faithful heart.


Many women have self-limiting beliefs about what is a healthy loving relationship. They found someone with whom they have intense chemistry with and they get attached too soon. They fear losing this special connection and losing this special person. They close the doors of their heart too soon for others.

My advice is to take your time to consider and explore your options. Having the list of qualities of your ideal partner in mind, don’t settle too soon and don’t settle for less. Let go of your fear of losing this potential soulmate. Don’t be afraid to keep your heart open to others.

When this person is not giving you what you want and need, when he’s clearly not playing his part in the relationship. When you are not given enough attention, don’t fret and blame yourself, instead be confident to walk away and know that there is someone else who can match your level of commitment. Never lose your faith and your power to change the course of your life. 1sofia2

Love and light,


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