How Does Tarot Work?

By Angelica: Typically, when people think of a “Tarot card reading” they conjure up a mental image of a gypsy with cheap beads and a headscarf, leaning over a small table in a darkly lit room, foretelling impending gloom and doom! I’m here to tell you that that’s not what Tarot cards are all about. In fact, they’re not meant to tell your fortune or future, they’re a spiritual tool to provide you with insights so you can make empowered choices on your life’s path.

So what goes into making a great Tarot reading; you may be surprised!

1angelica21) Faith: This is super important and very powerful. It’s what we need to have when we manifest anything into our lives, so when the reader and the client sit together, they both need to believe in the cards as a divination tool. It won’t work if both are not open to the messages.

2) History: The earliest known Tarot decks (back to the 15th century) weren’t designed with mysticism in mind; they were originally used to play a card game similar to modern-day Bridge. Later on, wealthy families in Italy commissioned artist-made decks and they were used to create an adventure-style game which then lead it to being used for divination purposes! So when connecting with the cards, you are connecting to a long lineage of the people and artists who originally created it. This historical aspect adds a touch of spirituality to the Tarot!

3) Archetypes: These symbolize the reflections that are in the collective consciousness. For example, most of us come into contact with a Mother/Father figure in our lives. Tarot is rich in male / female figures, e.g. Kings, Queens so therefore we can relate to the cards more. Archetypes are a major reason why the Tarot works so well.

4)  Symbols: Tarot cards are rich in symbolism; from the Sun meaning joy to a horse meaning forward movement. It is what makes it so relatable to us and more personal. At a deeper level, we have been programmed to recognize familiar symbols that have represented experiences or important events in our lives.

5) The Reader: Tarot card reading is a learned skill. Readers are continuously honing their craft to connect and assist their clients. Every reader reads and relates to the cards in their own unique way, as well as connects to clients differently. A good reader will put time and energy into every reading and at times, when guided, will connect to your higher self (inner knowing) or your spirit guides.

6)  Mysticism: there is something so universally appealing about mystics. We love that tarot appeals to our higher knowing and knowledge.

The above elements are almost certainly the most essential ones when having a great Tarot reading. With the historical and spiritual energy imbued into the cards, when you go to your first or even next Tarot reading, an open heart and an open mind to the experience will give you the best results so you walk away with deeper insights.
That is how the tarot works!

I look forward to reading for you soon here at Lifereader.




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