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With so many searching for answers in a world severely in need of higher resolve, is it any wonder so many turn to a professional intuitive aka “a psychic” for help? While the industry is full of those who take advantage of others, for the most part most psychics are profoundly aware of karma, the laws of cause and effect, and most would never venture down the path of intentionally misleading anyone. Most psychics are also life coaches or counselors and go beyond just giving cookie cutter answers to their clients helping with modalities which add lasting elements. While there are guidelines for those of us who are committed to this work and are devoted to our spiritual gifts, there seems to be no guideline for those who ask for a reading. Here are a few guidelines which will help you get the most out of your readings.

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1. Don’t play games. Not only can a psychic read your intention but most of us do not appreciate you wasting time testing our abilities. While healthy skepticism is good, all readings should be taken with a grain of salt, YOU relying primarily on your own instincts while the reader only validates or expands on your own gut instinct or what they are reading at your core.

2. Ask specific questions and when the reader responds with a correct answer, let them know. I recently saw Tyler Henry, the television whiz kid psychic and he was giving a reading to musician Boy George. Even though Tyler was spot on accurate with what he was getting Boy George did not give a hint of it and that sabotaged the reading.

3. Readers are not demi-gods. Those with true integrity tap into what your soul co-wrote as the highest plan for your life before you were ever born into a body. The information you get from a psychic can be altered by your own actions, fears, inactions or negative behavior and inner dialogue. It is up to you to take the useful information given you by a qualified psychic and to USE it.

4. Listen. Many times clients call and want to ramble on and on staying mired in the problem all the while the clock is ticking on the session or they interrupt. The basic information is all most need to be able to see clearly into the problem or situation.

5. Snap. While there are some psychics who will tell you ONLY what you want to hear, the ethical ones will tell you what actually comes from on high whether you like it or not. If they have integrity they will not be influenced by your wants but will be exceedingly honest with you.
6. Trust yourself. If the answers you are getting do not resonate with you, let it go. Many times you are getting information that is about your future and you may or may not be in a place to receive it at the time you are hearing about it. I once told a man he would be living in Texas within 8 months. He laughed at me and said, “I HATE TEXAS! I WOULD NEVER MOVE THERE!” Within a month he met the woman of his dreams, married her 6 months later and exactly 8 months after his reading he was living in her hometown, Dallas, Texas. That being said, you should always trust your gut and if it doesn’t resonate, listen anyway…you never know.

7. Don’t take it out on your reader! If you are unhappy with your life and things aren’t going your way, might want to do some soul searching instead of blaming those in your life including your chosen psychic. Think of a psychic as a spiritual advisor and or counselor. You choose it all before you got here and if you don’t like what you have chosen you CAN change it. Take some personal responsibility for your own participation in whatever is occurring in your life and change your course.

8. Allow enough time for a good reading; don’t expect a deep reading if you have only allowed a few minutes for the answers. Mystical energies take their own time and while most psychics are proficient rushing the reading only sabotages the energy and can cause a mis-reading.
9. Have the right attitude. While skepticism is healthy if you have a negative attitude not only can the reader feel your hostility and skepticism but it actually blocks any real information from coming in. Change your attitude or don’t use a psychic.

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10. Lighten Up! Most every scenario that you are experiencing will pass and you will either grow from it or repeat it. Take advantage of a psychic by asking questions which will help you grow and don’t take yourself or the reader so seriously. You have the power to change any and all circumstances.

11. Learn to Meditate: Many times if you would just sit still, calm down and breathe deeply you will hear the right direction to take in your life. By learning to go within you can use a psychic to validate what you are getting. Many times that is all they are doing anyway. Most people already know the answers before they call but it is ALWAYS helpful to get validation.

Whatever you do remember honey attracts more flies. By that I mean, being rude, curt or hanging up without saying goodbye, calling without saying your name or a simple hello is the sure fire way to sabotage your reading. Psychics read energy and putting your best foot forward is the way to ensure your angels and guides are present. Negative energy and being rude only sends them away. If you want a good reading try being kind and your angels will gleefully join in.

I would love to hear from you and hope you will give me the opportunity to access the highest answers and solutions for whatever you are going through or seek to know. Give me a call.

Wishing you love and blessings,


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  1. Denise

    I have beebn speaking to psychics for many years now and your comments are perfect! I had a reading with Rev Charlie today and he was great! Thank you I appreciate your gift.


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