Harness The Full Moon Eclipse

By Sarah: The Beaver Full Moon Eclipse on November 19 is the longest Eclipse in 560 years. The reason why it is known as a Beaver Full Moon is due to a Native American custom that recognizes this November Full Moon as the time the Beavers become active. How wonderful that we now have Full Moons named after Native American customs – such powerful and grounded spiritual energy.

Full Moon is always a time when emotions are heightened but Eclipse Energy is incredibly powerful. It starts from two weeks before to two weeks after the Full Moon and this is a time when our shadow selves are illuminated. Many of us wonder why our lives have suddenly become chaotic, why relationship issues are happening, why a situation from the past has reared its head again. This is all caused by Eclipse Energy.

The beauty of Eclipses is that they also connect us to Eclipses in the past – the last one being in June 2021. So whatever was an issue or unresolved at that time – the same situation will be repeated now. However,  Eclipse Energy is also a time for energy to be harnessed. It is a time for us to focus clearly on what we want – without fear or worry.


Here is a simple ritual that you can do during the Eclipse Energy this evening.

If you have crystals, lay them outside under the beautiful full moon to recharge them

Have a wonderful hot bath or shower where you release all anger, bitterness and unforgiveness from your energy body. When you get dressed you want to feel fresh and cleansed.

No matter what your problem that you are facing in life right now – work, love, finances – light a candle for three hours. Just let it burn and then out loud ASK the Angels to come into your life and protect and guide your path going forwards. You need to say the words out loud as dark energies cannot read minds and the sacred breath needs to speak the words out into the Universe for all to hear.

Say a short three sentence prayer (a bit like having three wishes). It is the words that you use that are important. If you are arguing with a loved one, ask for peace to come to the situation. If it is a job you are wanting, thank the Angels for the perfect job you know they are manifesting for you. It is always important to be grateful and say thank you.

Write down five things you wish to manifest during the next 6 months until the next Eclipse. Sleep with this piece of paper under your pillow for three nights.

Eclipses are a wonderful time to harness energy, but very confusing if you don’t really know what is going on. Life will settle down in about two weeks, but certainly after doing the Eclipse Candle Ritual you should find your life turns around quite quickly. However, you also need to have courage to walk through new doors that open for you.

Additionally, this is now the time to focus on what you want to release as we  move towards the Dark Moon in two weeks time. Tuning into Moon Cycles is important as our bodies are in tune with these cycles as opposed to the Roman Calendar months.

Embrace this magnificent day as it is a very powerful turning point in the consciousness of the planet. 2022 is going to be a positive year for all of us.


Love and Light,


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