Gemini Full Moon: You Can Do Magic!

By Sofia: The great message of this December full moon is recollection. This period gives us a chance to reflect and let go of our past hurts or past tendencies that we have learned detrimental. The Gemini full moon merges the mind with emotions, so we can get things off of our chest and speak our truth.

These feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions emerging into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves and to let things out of our systems. We recognize the wisdom we gained over the last 1, 5 years (Read more about it here: and use it as our guide moving forward. We get rid of the beliefs that were holding us back, toxic behaviors, the anxiety patterns, and now embrace our inner knowing, our intuition, and our capability to make a difference in our lives and of others.


With the Moon full and bright in the sky, it is a time for spiritual illumination. We are in a period of heightened awareness. We are becoming more aware of ourselves. This full moon in Gemini reminds us that we have all the resources we need to manifest; its magic reminds us that we carry the archetype of the magician. “As above, so below. As within, so without”.

Yes, we are capable of making magic! This full moon is the last full moon of the year and a true spiritual graduation, a celebration today to inner power, wisdom and strength. Geminis are known for being knowledgeable and having many skills, its energy is known for great use of manifesting. So as we close this year with new intentions, let us remember the essence of trusting ourselves. We must trust ourselves and the manifestation process, so we can get everything we want.


Trust your Intuition

Trusting ourselves is rooted in a deep level of self-awareness. You must be really honest with yourself, know your authentic self, and believe that you know what is best for yourself. You don’t ask anyone’s permission for what makes you happy. Only you know what will ultimately make you happy. This will clarify what you really want, set solid goals in the future, and focus on your priorities. You need to be that one person who believes in yourself the most, so others and the universe will listen and believe in you too, and they will help you manifest.

You are enough

As I have mentioned earlier, you have all the resources you need to manifest. You are the leader of your life. You can rely on yourself no matter what. The hurtful experiences and difficult situations in the past are the instruments that are used in building a version of you who is stronger and wiser. Forgive yourself, learn from the past, and use the lessons to move forward. Try to let go of self-limiting beliefs, listen to your inner voice that is calling out what you deserve – to be loved, to be successful and to be the real you!

The process

Learning to listen to our inner self makes us evolve to a very self-aware human, builds enduring confidence within ourselves to face whatever life throws at us. We will overcome anything as long as we never lose the trust in ourselves.

What is that you want to manifest? Write it on a piece of paper and always remember that our words are spells. What we think and what we speak actualizes!


Peace and Blessings,


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