Forcing Love

By Isabella: Real love, the kind that lasts forever, whether you are in a relationship, a friendship or a family union is a natural unfolding of many dynamics and cannot be forced or manipulated.

I speak to people every day who keep trying to “make” something happen, then is completely surprised and dumbfounded that they wind up with the wrong mate. isabella3

I spoke to a woman over the weekend that had been divorced for many years, had just ended the brief relationship which followed and she was determined to get into a new relationship NOW! To hell with who or if they were right for her, she practically demanded LOVE come NOW! YIKES!

Love, like any essence is energy and the more you try to force it to fit into any box or your definition of what it should be, the more it loses its fluidity or the ability to flow freely. You cannot mold it like bread, you cannot force it to fit into your life and you cannot make it happen at a specific point in time.

“Those who are intended to love you, WILL.” ~Ariaa Jaeger

I spoke to a woman the other day that had been in a relationship for three years. He had cheated, been caught, had been verbally abusive, which is just as degrading as physical abuse and yet she wanted to know if he was going to come back… He had bailed a week earlier.

My first thought was of course, “Why would you want him back?” but after speaking with her for a bit it became clear that she has no love or respect for herself. She was trying to find outside what she cannot accomplish inside which is like putting a Band-Aid on a cracked skull, it may hold your brains in for a minute but will ultimately fail.

If you truly want love in your life, first and foremost BECOME the person someone would want to spend their life with. Do YOU LIKE YOU? Do YOU LOVE YOU? Are you easy to get along with, a joy to be around, do you have the qualities which would ADD something to another person’s life or are you just a vacuous taker; looking for someone to fill the empty void inside you? I know that sounds harsh, but it is true. If you are just looking for self-gratification, if your desire to be in a relationship is predicated on neediness or insecurity or a lack of self-love, then you have work to do.

“The greatest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.” ~Ariaa Jaeger

And it is true. It begins with you and everything from there is a reflection of you. If you bring an emotionally balanced, centered and grounded you to the table of love, you will feast on a veritable banquet of love. If you bring damaged, dysfunctional, drama, neediness, jealousy, insecurity and possessiveness to the table of love, you will starve from lack of a healthy relationship.

Heal your stuff, clean out the closet in your heart and you will be wrapped in the divine wardrobe of lasting love.

Give me a call if you would like to learn more ways to attract perfect love or how to heal your issues.


Blessings and beams,

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3 thoughts on “Forcing Love

  1. Kevin

    Will I ever find a second soul mate my wife passed away on August 10,2015 and we were soul mates will I ever find love again and have it last forever.

  2. Felicia Cammack

    After I heal my heart and love me again, I wonder when my soul mate will come around? This next time around I want him to fall deep in love with me instead of man not following halfway or not real. When do you see that man with money or wealth. I know God has someone for me.

  3. Felicia Cammack

    My husband is cheating on me with another woman for 2 years and his mother has alot to do with it. He keeps calling her. I don’t know what to do to break it up. Except to do nothing. The mother and other women broke us up by doing break up candles, and making. My husband fall in love with him by making him think about her all the time. In words Leigh Faulkner is doing witchcraft to husband. I am trying to do nothing to him because it is in God will. Thank you Felicia Cammack


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