Finding Your True Soulmate

By Shannon: People come to me and ask “Is this my soulmate? Is this my twin flame? Is this the one?”. After years of readings and deep thinking I have come up with the true meaning of a soul mate or twin flame or otherwise known as “THE ONE”.

Simply, I feel there is a number of criteria that people who have found their true soulmates and life partner have shared and it comes down to a few simple but important points.

1shannon2 1. A feeling of knowing something is different this time, all the people that I have talked to who have found their true soulmates or twin flames had a sense early on of knowing something was different this time. They felt that the person seemed to be different than all the people they knew before that there was something truly special or important about this person in their life and a feeling of foreboding that this person mattered now and would matter in the future, even if the person hadn’t committed to anything yet there was a feeling that there was something different or good about this person and how they would affect their lives.

I do agree it is important to feel that someone is special and different, not just a cookie cutter date or person going along with what you want or say like a robot, but someone really intensely interested in your life and what you have to say and finding common ground early on about what you both want or foresee in your lives and your future.

2. A strong sense of peace, A person who brings peace to your life, not anxiety or insecurity, but someone that makes you feel secure early on is what the people have said that they felt secure and important early on in the relationship or even before it fully got going. The sense of knowing above and a feeling of peace combine to remove the usual angst and anxiety associated with new relationships. There is less of the what do they want and more of the where is this going do we have common goals, values, beliefs and plans.

3. Level of interest stays medium to high.
People have said that with a soul mate and or twin flame there is a high level of interest in getting to know you that doeskin vanish over time or a few messages and asking us about your life, but an ongoing interest in what you’re doing and how you are. A common interest in one another and not something that starts off fast then slowly turns to one-sided. A soul mate wants to know more about you over time not just all at once then loses interest.

4. Love for the same things or goals that are similar.
A soul mate or twin flame will have some inner interests that match yours, which makes it easier to spend quality time together is what people have said that they easy fit into one another lives. Someone in your past may not of liked what you liked but your twin flame and you will likely have some very strong similar interest areas right away and easily match your life in terms of what you like to do. Naturally, you cant expect right away everything to match but there is usually a base of common interests or easy adjustments to doing new things together not an aversion of the things they like or you like.

Okay, so we see a strong theme of peace and fitting easily to one another lives, but the deeper meaning of soul mates is the soul itself and believe that we can know people from the soul level. This is the level before we are born, where we may be associated with another soul and can feel them coming into this life. This would also touch on the belief of past lives that could have been where we met the soul for the first time or just knowing this lifetime that a person belong. This sense of belonging is a strong indicator that someone is meant to be in your life…

I help people find their true soul mate and identify if the one they are with is their soul mate or twin flame or just another partner, I help people find and identify “THE ONE”.


I will help you identify if you have found the one or your soul mate or just another partner.

Love and Light,


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