Finding Your Soulmate

By Sarah: Is your spare time being caught up in the moment of having a soulmate and finding them to make yourself complete in this world? As a Psychic and a follower of patterns in life, I would say that your soulmate is only a couple of months away from finding you. Your soulmate has an energy field that goes out and your energy body is picking up the signal that someone is looking for you and also wanting to make their life complete. The time period to meeting each other once you start feeling the need for a soulmate is about five months from my experience with other clients – but here are some ways to make time speed up to ensure that special meeting occurs sooner rather than later.


VISUALIZE – Get a little book and in this book, write down what attributes you would like to attract in a soulmate. Must they like reading books? Eating ice cream at 1 AM? An interest in animals? Perhaps they have a hobby like cycling or painting? What should they look like? Write all of this down as this will be your consciousness visualizing the perfect partner for you. This really works – and in months to come when you are in a committed relationship you can look back and see how you basically mail ordered a soulmate from the Universe.

CHANGE – start changing small things in your life so that your human reality field starts to change too. So take a different route to work in the morning or to the local shops – don’t just drive the same route day after day. Take a short cut, take the long road – but do something different. Start changing your home around – move pictures around the house or move furniture. Just change the energy of your home to show the Universe that you are welcoming change after things standing so still for so long. This is especially important if you have just come out of a marriage or a long term relationship. You need to wipe away the energy of the other person so that someone new can come along.  If you use a regular brand of coffee or washing powder, buy a different kind. The more change you bring into your life consciously the quicker your entire life pattern will be shifted and changed. It really works so start breaking out of life patterns that no longer serve you or need upgrading.

GET ONLINE – Yes online dating can be a difficult road to navigate, but provided you know you are speaking to a real person this can be a very good way to find your soulmate. I know many happy couples who are now married with families – and they met each other online. If you want to test that the person is real – this is very important – do a video call with each other or ask them to take a photograph of themselves standing next to the fridge holding up three fingers. Make sure in your biography profile that you throw some key New Age terms into the mix like “must understand the flow of Karma” or “must be into Astrology”. This will weed out the danger people as they will stay away from anything holistic and healing. If he/she comes onto you too strong – sending you passionate love messages after only knowing you 48 hours – then the person is emotionally dependent and not living life as they truly should so beware. The Universe will throw you a fishing rod but you need to learn how to fish so go out there, break down any pre-conceived barriers and set up an online dating profile as soon as you can – if you do this have no doubt your soulmate is going to be coming your way shortly.

START SOCIALIZING – If you only stay at home and do not go out and socialize then you are preventing yourself from meeting hundreds and hundreds of new people. So accept invitations you would normally turn down because you would rather spend a night at home in front of the television – it is by following up unexpected invitations to a dinner party or social event that you will randomly bump into the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Join a club, walk on the beach or in a park – just get out there and meet people. It works!

HOW WILL I KNOW? – You will know you have met your soulmate because you will have an instant connection. It will feel as though you have known them your entire life. You will recognize them when you look into their eyes.

So if you are constantly wondering where your soulmate is and when they are going to turn up, start changing your life and dedicate yourself to speeding up the process so that you can meet each other. The above information has been tried and tested by many of my clients and it really works. If you think you have met your soulmate and you need clarification or just want to talk about the feelings you have, come and have a chat with me and I will help you see the way forward and bring you some clarity of thought. I have over 30 years experience in assisting with soulmate connections and helping people find the love of their life.


Love and Light,


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