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April is a big month and if you’re not careful will not be forgotten without a headache!  Not least of all because of the squares and oppositions between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto but also because of the two eclipses which are also coming into this mix and possibly complicating matters.  So if forewarned is forearmed here are the dates you need to watch out for and a few hints on how you might like to navigate your way through this period.


The first eclipse occurs on April 15 at 3.42am (New York).  This eclipse occurs at 26 degrees Libra and may force you to look at the “me” and “us” in a relationship.  In other words where you stand and where the other person stands.


As Mars has been travelling through Libra now for the past few months and will be retrograde when this eclipse occurs it may be difficult for you to actually take action on what you would like to do which leaves you at the mercy of events happening around you taking your choices out of your hands altogether.


With Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto forming harsh aspects to Mars at this time you could be excused for feeling like hiding under your covers and not coming out till the coast is clear.  However, with these 4 big planets and the eclipse those covers may be ripped from you and you may find yourself being forced to deal with a situation whether you like it or not.


All is not lost at this time as Venus and Neptune come into close contact in the sign of Pisces which should alleviate some of your worries and fears but at the same time may find you with rose tinted glasses on when it comes to facing the reality of your love life.


This is not an eclipse for the “faint hearted” but rather a time when you need to be aware of what is happening around you and decide, possibly beforehand, what you plan to do about things before you find yourself overtaken by forces out of your control.


The second eclipse occurs on April 29 at 2.14am (New York).  This eclipse occurs at 9 degrees Taurus a sign known for its practical nature.  This is a good time to take note of what you want to build upon and come up with a plan to make this happen.


You may find yourself craving security and stability and be ready to start a new cycle that is totally different in nature to what has come before.  This is not the time to make major changes, rather, it is a time of planning and keeping an eye out for opportunities that come your way that you can cash in on later.


The sign of Taurus is known for its fertility and this is something you can keep in mind as you look at the changes you are wishing to make.  The best laid plans come from doing the groundwork.  Look at what you need to have in place first to reap the most benefits in the future.  Do not be afraid to chase up leads that come your way and listen to anything that catches your attention whether it be from a conversation or something you have read.

The effects of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are still in force and will no doubt have given you a glimpse of what you need to avoid.  Life may still not feel quite the way you wish it to be but the worst is most likely behind you and the events that happen this April have a good chance of transforming and shaping your life for a while to come yet.

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