Eclipse Energy- December 2020

By Sarah: It’s okay if life is a bit scary at the moment  and you don’t really know what to do next. It’s okay if you seem to be worried and anxious all the time and everyone around you seems to be hurting. Reality as we know it has been turned on its head and it’s healthy to acknowledge your feelings and emotions as they are very real. 2020 has been one heck of a year – but the best is yet to come.

If you have experienced some very real paradigm shifts in your life over this year – you are not alone. Relationships are being tested, businesses are going under, international politics has become questionable, countries are going into 2nd and 3rd lockdowns due to COVID – so why is this all happening and what can we learn that will bring our lives back to normal?


Astrologically there are some fascinating Astrological Sectors that have happened this year. If you remember when COVID first hit international shores after the outbreak in China? The significance of this on our lives was so disruptive, in a way never thought imaginable! We all had to face or own mortality and so many of us were locked away in our homes. We realized that life as we knew it had  changed. The peak of this was in June and July globally. However – what’s REALLY interesting is that was the time when there were two lunar eclipses and a powerful solar eclipse – a time when emotions were running high and many people were feeling confused and scared.

Eclipses connect to each other through time, and so now at the end of November we had another powerful lunar eclipse that connected us back to that time earlier in the year. and then two weeks later on December 14th there is a solar eclipse which will connect us back to July. What this means to all of us who are awakening at this time, is that the eclipse energy is a wonderful and magical time to actually get down to business and start manifesting the future that we want, because last time there was an eclipse we were too scared to do so. As each eclipse comes to us through time, we awaken to the fact of how powerful the energy of an eclipse actually is on our consciousness. Thought travels at the speed of light and this is now the time we need to focus our energy on what we wish 2021 to hold.

It will also be a very emotional time with many triggers coming forward as we get closer to the 25th December and January 1st. On December 21st there is a very important conjunction happening in the heavens which marks a huge turn around on the planet. Two of the biggest and most life transforming planets are going to be in the sign of Aquarius – Saturn and Jupiter. The one brings wisdom and knowledge ( Jupiter ) and the other creates awakening and allows people to work through limitations ( Saturn ).

Besides being the Solstice and the start of Yule in the Northern Hemisphere, this is also the day where as pagans you get married for a year and a day – a wonderful celebration between two people who don’t want to conform to the normal western marriage ceremony for life.

But this day now holds – due to the planetary configuration – the first day of the Age of Aquarius – a turning point and a mark on the calendar being followed by hundreds of thousands of woke people across the globe – thanks to awareness from social media. The Age of Aquarius is being imprinted on our consciousness as a tool to shift our reality from one of fear and anger to enlightenment and love as we move into 2021. But what does this mean?

It means that there are more people consciously awakening to their soul purpose in life, people who have been beaten down and bruised by life experiences but have since developed strong faith. People who now realise there is too  much darkness in the world and that it is up to each one of us to bring light and love onto the earth’s plane. We are going to experience many changes in 2021 and it’s important that we enter the New Year 2021 grounded, in balance and harmony and knowing exactly what it is that we wish to achieve. And the eclipses and the planets are going to assist us in achieving just that goal and intention over the December period.

Christmas is a tricky time, with so many people having lost loved ones in 2020 and who are now having to face a Christmas and a New Year alone for the first time. December will be an emotional time for many so I will ensure I am online all through the Festive Season for those who need some assistance in being spiritually guided through their any triggered emotional trauma.

We are living through miraculous times and I am sure you are starting to notice the signs around you that life is changing. Double numbers on your cell phone like 11:11 or 2:22. We are noticing the feathers on our path and the coincidences all around us. Many of us have realized our personal duty to help save the planet and to operate from a higher vibration of love. Humanity is healing.

So whatever you do this December do it with moderation. If you find that emotional triggers are disrupting your life, just turn inwards and ask the Angels to help guide you forward. The Angels are there to be of assistance but only if we request them to do so. And if you have lost a loved one this year, remember to put a chair at the table for them and light a candle. You will sense that they are close.

So this December, start working on your future reality with your thoughts and take advantage of these wonderful planetary influences.


Love and Light,


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