DNA, Your Memory and Past Lives

A while back, I came across a fascinating article written about DNA and how it impacts us all on a deeper and more spiritual level than many of us realize.  I wanted to share some of what I learned from this very interesting article.

DNA, which is within each cell of our bodies, has deep and important implications for all of us.  Our DNA determines our susceptibility to certain diseases and ailments and may even help determine who we are as people; our personalities, our very essence.  But the more important question raised about our DNA is how much of it holds the actual memories and experiences of our ancestors?  Research that has been done over the years indicates that it may be possible to tap into our DNA to examine the memories and experiences of our relatives, going back generations. The author of the article mentions the 1988 movie “Altered States” as an example.   The film starred William Hurt, as a research scientist who attempts to tap into his own consciousness in order to re-live the experiences of his ancestors.  Not only does he experience these events in his ancestors’ lives, he also manages to alter his own biology as a result.  The film is reported to have been based on actual research done in the 1960s and 1970s by psychologists.

Since DNA is a part of every living thing, there can be little doubt that environment can also have a major impact on us genetically.  In the last fifty or so years, we’ve only begun to understand DNA and how it can be altered by environmental factors.  We all know that we take our DNA from both our parents, and scientists are beginning to believe that patterns in our overall health also follow some DNA sequencing that has been pre-determined.  We should also understand that many of our primal, or ‘survival instincts’ are hot-wired into our DNA as well.  As such, it is a plausible hypothesis to assume that if these survival instincts can be passed to us through our DNA, the it’s reasonable to theorize that feelings, memories and other experiences during our ancestors’ lives might also be embedded there too.  The question is, how do we access this information?

Since human experiences actually teach us things, it’s not unreasonable to think that these experiences can be passed along via DNA from one generation to another.  For example:  let’s say you have a extreme fear of heights.  Getting in an airplane or even in a tall building is something that makes you extremely uncomfortable, or even fearful, and you cannot explain why you feel this way, you just DO.  Perhaps it’s possible that embedded in your DNA is the experience and memory of a long ago ancestor?  Maybe this ancestor fell from a high place, or maybe they witnessed something frightening related to being up too high and not being able to come down?  Or maybe they watched someone else fall?  I think it’s important to examine this as a possibility!

If indeed we all have stored genetic “memories”, then there must be a way to tap into and access that information.  To be able to open the door to this knowledge could be a life changing experience.  I believe that we all have the potential ability to do this through meditation and also through our dream state.  I also believe that some intuitive readers are able to view these experiences as well, and can help you interpret and learn from them.  There is a lot that is not known about DNA– but what we do know is that we carry around a massive amount of history inside of all of us, right in every single cell in our bodies.  There are also what are referred to as “mystery genes” in our bodies that Scientists do not yet fully understand.  Are these mystery genes (called “junk DNA”) a place where past memories and experiences are stored?  The answer to those questions are yet to be determined, but the possibilities are intriguing to say the least!

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