Developing Your Psychic Abilities

By Laura: Whether you believe it or not, you are absolutely capable of tapping into a realm of higher consciousness and accessing intuitive information beyond your ordinary senses. We are all made up of energy, and our individual electromagnetic field that surrounds our body is interconnected with everyone and everything in the universe. We are all part of the web of energies mingling together in the unified quantum field, otherwise known as the universe, or god, or source, or spirit, or whatever you like to call it.

Essentially, we are all surrounded by a sea of light waves and particles of information that intertwine with our own energy field, allowing us to access a higher state of consciousness, if only we so choose. We can’t always see, hear, or feel it, but it is there. It is the space, energy and matter around us. Think about the energy that allows you to call your friend on the other side of the world in real time… It’s like that, except we can channel it through our bodies, like a radio.


Have you ever experienced a ‘knowing’ without having any rational reason to explain how you knew it? For example, you just knew something was going to happen before it did, and then it happened?

Or maybe you have heard something, and when you went to check what it was, there was nothing there…

Or perhaps you have seen something in the corner of your eye, and it just disappeared as soon as you tried to look twice?

These are often intuitive experiences that people brush off as nothing. They’ll say things like ‘their eyes and ears are playing tricks on them’… Well, this is no trick. It is intuition.

Think of yourself like an old school radio that when tuned into the right channel on the right frequency, can access a specific vibration of sound. Well, this is how we can tune ourselves in to access the waves of information in the quantum field and experience them through our 5 senses.

Setting the intention to tune into the frequency of energy, and vibrating our own energy (emotions) on that same frequency, allows us to connect with that vibrational wave and access its information. This is how psychic’s read people’s energy. They tap into the person’s energy through deliberate intention, letting go of their own ego, fear, doubts, or gate keeper…

They surrender and trust the intuitive information that is coming through their channels and into their senses.

So, how can you develop your psychic abilities so that you can tap into a higher level of consciousness and understand yourself, and others on a deeper level?

My Top Tips to Begin to Develop your Psychic Senses

Let go of the Ego
First, you need to let go of fear and doubt while tapping into the universal energies. Otherwise, it will just cause your ego to question everything that comes through your intuitive channels, and pull you back into your own bias mind. This takes practice, and is arguably the most difficult part about tapping into your psychic abilities. Our mind loves to question and judge everything, so self awareness, self trust, and faith are essential. You have to let go of your logical, rational, thinking mind, and just Be… Be still, be silent, and let it flow.

Surrender to what comes through
The universal energies are not logical. They don’t always make sense. You have to remember that the information will often come through in bits and pieces, whether they are visual, auditory, sensory, emotional, or simply a knowing.

It is up to the practitioner to trust the information, and let go of any need to piece it together until they have gathered all of the information. You can try and make sense of it later… just let go, have faith, and practice patience. The universe will give you what you need.

Open your 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras
Our body works as a channel to receive intuitive information from the unified quantum field, and if we are blocked, it is difficult for that information to get through.

What do I mean by blocked? Well, if you don’t already know about the main 7 Chakras, they are the main energy centers of our bodies, and they each have their own functions. They work on a physical, mental, emotional, and energetic level. When these are blocked by our own limiting beliefs and negative emotional states, our ability to channel light into our higher chakras, such as our 3rd Eye (the ability to see beyond the veil) and our Crown (the ability to connect as one with the universe) become blocked.

It is important to keep our channels clear, not only to access higher states of consciousness, but also for our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Opening the third eye Chakra allows us to awaken our extra sensory perception, psychic abilities, a 6th sense, or intuition. And when open, the crown Chakra allows us to feel united and one with the universe and all of it’s energies. We access a state of totality, unity, and divine oneness. We become enlightened beings living in peace and harmony within ourselves and the universe.

We can open our chakra’s in a variety of different ways. Some common methods are; meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, energy healing, crystal therapy, sound therapy, grounding in nature, tantra, mantras, and through other spiritual practices.

Meditate Often
I know it sounds cliché, and everyone preaches meditation, but there is a very good reason for that. Meditation is the easiest and most effective way to reach elevated levels of consciousness. When practiced properly and regularly, it helps us to calm our mind, elevate our emotions, raise our vibrational frequency, and tap into the energies around us.

When we tune our energy inwards, and no longer put our focus on our external environment, we can deepen our self awareness and fine tune our senses to pick up on more information from the unified quantum field.

Tap into your 5 Senses
Practice expanding your awareness with each of your senses. This will likely give you a feel of what your preferred psychic style is, even though with practice, you can absolutely develop all of them.

To expand your awareness, spend 5 minutes on each of your top senses; sight, sound, and touch, tuning all of your focus in on one sense at a time, and really being present with it.

For example:

With sound, close your eyes, sit quietly, and just open your ears as far as they go, listening to everything you can hear around you. Without judgement, or trying to work out what the sound is, just listen and be present. Eventually with practice, you may begin to hear words, voices, music, or sounds that others cannot perceive.

With sight, simply expand your vision, opening your peripherals and taking in everything around you, without focusing on anything in particular. Allow your eyes to lose focus. Eventually with practice, you may begin to see colors, shapes, figures, shadows, or auras that others cannot perceive.

With touch, you can hold onto a specific object to feel into its energies and get a knowing of the stories and memories it holds.

Or you might feel subtle changes on your skin and sense the energies shift around you.

Or maybe you can hold hands with a person and sense what they are thinking or feeling.

You might even tune into your body, or someone else’s body to pick up on blocked energy in the chakras, or physical/emotional ailments.

Practice these states of expanded awareness every day for 21 days, for around 5 minutes on each of your senses to develop them further. With practice, you will become so good at it, you will likely achieve success in hearing, seeing, or feeling intuitive, information that other people cannot perceive, and awaken the psychic abilities in you.

With ongoing and dedicated practice, you should soon begin to notice your extra sensory perception activating. Soon, it may become second nature. And you will learn how to tap in easily and effortlessly. You will be able to access levels of information beyond the ordinary human senses, which comes with unlimited benefits.

Benefits of using your Psychic Abilities
There are so many benefits to having powerful intuition and psychic abilities. Just to name a few, here are my favorite benefits;

• Deeper understanding of self and others

• Deeper levels of compassion, empathy, understanding and forgiveness

• More empowered relationships and communication

• Increased self awareness and personal reflection

• Increased choices and opportunities in life

• Focus, clarity, direction

• Manifesting what you want, releasing what you don’t want

• Increased love, care, and respect for self and others

• Bullshit radar is on fleek, no one can lie to you without you knowing

• Power to make the best decisions for the highest good of self, others, and the world

• Increased awareness of people’s intentions

• Ability to read peoples energy, emotions, thoughts, feelings

• Ability to powerfully manifest desired results, dreams, and wishes

• Activation of inner power, passions, and purpose in life

• Feeling more light, peaceful, calm, and happy

• Seeing the beauty in everything, having gratitude

• Understanding your feelings and expressing or healing them to allow you to move forward more easily and effortlessly

• Self trust, faith, and courage to take action on your desires

• Less negativity and ruminating thoughts

• Stronger boundaries with self and others

• Knowing the best choice in every situation

• Saving time and energy by releasing what no longer serves you

• Feeling connected and unified with a higher power

• Being able to see, hear, and/or feel spiritual beings in your reality, and    feeling safe, supported, and loved everywhere you go

• Never feeling alone, and knowing you are always being divinely guided

• Able to see deep below any surface level problem or situation

• Learning all of the gifts in every life event, situation, person, place, or thing, whether ‘good or bad’

There are endless benefits to having access to extrasensory perception, and these are just the ones I could think of on the spot. Tapping into the universal energies and using them in my everyday life has enabled me to completely transform myself, in all areas of life, including my relationships, career, finances, health, personal growth, spiritual development, manifestation of my goals, focus and clarity towards an empowered future, studies, passions, hobbies, and even my environment.

I have put my passions and purpose into my paycheck and created a whole career around my intuition, which has allowed me to serve others and the world in ways that I never would have imagined. Developing my psychic abilities is 150% the investment I have made in myself.

This article just scratches the surface. There is so much more to know and learn, and once you go down the rabbit hole of spirituality, it is life changing in all the best ways.

If you would like to learn more, I have a psychic development course coming very soon in 2022! You will learn step by step systems to develop your psychic abilities, and get guided meditations to help you awaken your 3rd eye and crown chakras, as well as tools you can use to do the inner work which will allow you to step into the highest version of yourself and become the intuitive being you really are. So stay tuned!


Thanks so much for reading!

Love & Light to you all,


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