Dealing With Karmic Relationships And What They Are

By Ernst: What is a Karmic relationship and why is there so much pain involved?

Did you ever wonder about your relationship and if it will last? That could very well be the case, but that doesn’t mean the two of you are soul mates. You could also be in a Karmic relationship. A karmic relationship is a union that is meant to teach us lessons about love and partnership in this life. It is a soul mate relationship because it connects two souls together, but soul mate relationships are much more of a healing nature. Many of us have already experienced a karmatic relationship in this life. It’s the kind of love that touches you deeply and invites you to grow. But these sorts of relationships are not easy!

Looking at this, from a more of a spiritual point of view, the thought surrounding karmic relationships is that your souls have made a contract before you entered this earthly realm to help one another along your life’s journey. It often happens that we still carry all kinds of unresolved issues from our past lives. As soon as people are open to learning, instead of taking control themselves, there can be a lot of room for healing.


So, a karmic relationship can work as a guide or as a teacher. And many times they are just temporary. They are meant to help you grow at a soul level, often through a tricky dynamic of being hot and cold. But they are usually not long-term relationships. Because you come together in this lifetime to cleanse karma between the two of you. This partnership offers a chance to balance out a bad previous life experience. You can recognize a karmic relationship or partnership by the following experiences:

There is an instant click and connection. The most obvious sign is the feeling or sensation that you already know this person. Sometimes you get a very good feeling about him or her, but often there is also some fear, depending on the type of karma.

A lot of drama involved. These are tumultuous relationships. If drama is the foundation for a love relationship, then there’s a good chance it’s a karmic relationship.

It quickly feels like something isn’t right. Did you notice many bad signs even at the start of this relationship? These signs point you exactly to the life lesson you are meant to learn.

It makes you frustrated. If you feel frustrated and misunderstood, then you are probably in a karmic relationship. These relationships are not about a perfect connection, but about growth.

It’s not all fun to be with your partner. You feel heavy and reluctant in the presence of your partner and you probably can’t seem to point your finger on this feeling. And despite the negative emotions, you refuse to let go.

They are addictive. Karmic relationships quickly take precedence over everything else, even despite the drawbacks already mentioned, such as inexplicable tension or frustration.

You have a lot of miscommunication. There is often a dynamic full of pushing and pulling and miscommunication. This miscommunication can help us understand what is important to us and what we expect in a relationship, or where healing can take place.

There are many highs and lows. Your life together is never consistent. Besides the wonderful and happy days, when all appears perfect, there’s a little voice inside of you telling you that it’s only a matter of time before things go bad again.

They repeat themselves. Those ups and downs will come back frequently. You repeat the same problem again and again from a past relationship. That tells you there are lessons to be learned!

You become dependent on each other. Karmic relationships tend to become a relationship that you quickly become dependent on. It looks like the only way is to put all energy into it.

They illuminate your fears. This person will bring to surface all of your fears: love, future and your relationship as a whole. All your trauma’s will come to the surface, there is no escaping it.

They do bring out the worst side in you. Because of this karmic roller-coaster, it may bring out the worst in the kindest person. Being around your partner you turn into someone different. You don’t even recognize yourself. You may not like it very much.

You’re getting tired of it. All the good, the bad and the miscommunication, it is mentally exhausting this dependence. Especially if your partner is nearby.

It feels like you can’t let them go. You make excuses for your spouse, even with all the drawbacks, because your bond is so strong, and because it feels like your relationship is meant to be.

They don’t hold up. Ultimately, when time has run out, work and healing are finished and then both of you will continue moving on with your lives.

When karmic relationships become problematic:

A relationship between two individuals who mean well and are loving people can also turn problematic, especially when karma is involved. It becomes problematic if you don’t trust yourself or don’t want to learn the lessons. Set boundaries and allow yourself to leave when you sense your soul has stifled. If people don’t know how to learn from unresolved painful situations, they will most likely create huge problems in any new relationship. If you realize that you’re ignoring the bad signs, or negotiating with your own fears, this can be a great time for self-love and believing in yourself. If you think you are in a karmic relationship and it has become problematic, then you have no better option than to realize that you deserve to be happy and focus on the relationship with yourself. In other words, self-love is very important. It can then be very enlightening to visit a psychic medium, a clairvoyant, energetic healer, or past life specialist, to learn more about the karma you are trying to balance and clear.

What about soul mates and twin flames?

There is an important distinction. Karmic relationships deal with growing and developing into a higher frequency. Twin flames and soulmates are all about healing. A soulmate is a person who is attuned to your soul and who can change or influence your soul in all kinds of profound ways. It could be a family member, it could be a friend and even a pet. Twin flames are commonly referred to as twin souls. They are the other side and the other half of your soul. When two halves do meet it has always the meaning of a sacred purpose and it is a sacred union. But no matter how you define the relationship, it’s important to understand its dynamics and patterns. Certainly in troubled relationships. Knowing that you are in a karmic relationship can help you persevere and learn the lesson that comes through that person so that when you are ready to move on, you are also ready for a love that persists.


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