Dancing with Wolves

DrSunny-with-wolf-wakayaYes it is true – some special people dance with wolves!  Here is LifeReader’s Dr Sunny, a native Eastern Band Cherokee Indian, with her Buffalo Wolf “Wakaya”.  In Cherokee Wakaya means Holy One.

“The incredible beauty of the lives we touch, and the lives that touch us! Be it human, animal or spiritual is more  precious then anything else we could ever experience!” Dr. Sunny says when we asked her about her experience with her wolves.

Dr Sunny devotes a great part of her life and spare time to supporting a wolf and horse sanctuary in the US and is actively involved in the native american community.

“In Native American, the Wolf represents the Teacher! They are very much like people, and in many ways even more highly intelligent, they are very aware of danger and fear. They tend to shy away from it and are more often reserved and timid. We are kindred Spirits, Wakaya and I. We can communicate with each other through thought and feeling. He is very sensitive.”




“May The Warm Winds
Of Heaven Blow Softly On Your Home.
May The Great Spirit Bless All Who Enter there, may you always be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presents of trouble… blessing”


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Dr Sunny Marie
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