Create a Loving Relationship

Creating a loving relationship may require you to rethink and dispel certain myths.

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Myth #1:

You always know how successful your relationship is by how you feel about each other.
• Emotions and feeling change with time and are not reliable indicators of how successful your relationship is.
• A better predictor is how well you meet your own needs

Myth #2:

You can always gage your communication effectiveness by how well you know each other.
• Reality is that your ability to communicate is entirely independent of whether or not you either know or love someone.
• Communication means a willingness to speak from your genuine inner experience.

Myth #2:

My partner or spouse comes from a loving family so I know they will be loving as well.
• Loving families are based on a parent/child relationships, which is quite different than an adult/adult relationships

Myth #3:

Living together before a commitment will help us determine if the relationship is solid.
• Divorce/separation/parting of ways, is not lower among couples who live together first.
• A formal commitment seems to alter the psychological makeup of a relationship
• Public acknowledgement often strengthens the resolve to be successful

Myth #4:

Love and sex are the same.
• One can never get enough sexual contact to fulfill a need for love
• They are two different things. Parents love their children and this has nothing to do with sex

The best advice I can give is this. Don’t make excuses. If it feels wrong it probably is.

Don’t force a relationship. Let it develop organically. Life will naturally make space for relationships that are valuable for you.

And don’t look for someone you are not willing to be.If you truly want a successful and loving relationship it is necessary to be that person.

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One thought on “Create a Loving Relationship

  1. martina

    my partner of 7 months who i love so much stopped contact with me a month ago and i saw him a week ago and he told me that he loved me and that everything would be ok that he would phone me the next day but i heard nothing from him tried to ring him on monday no reply from him and ive heard nothing from him since what is going on with him ?


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