Channeling Greatly Enhances Readings

By Amy: Channeling is a way to connect with thoughts from beings both in spirit form and/or living in other dimensions. Our world is difficult at best. We live on the planet of the senses and we are distracted by material needs, feelings, and survival. Imagine what could be accomplished in heaven, or in a dimension without distraction where every being works to unearth gems of wisdom that can guide us to become our best!

The possibilities are endless! However, though and individual can receive a message or an inspiration, it takes a person skilled in channeling to bring forth a whole unaltered piece of wisdom.

1amy4 For instance, here is a prayer from Archangel Jophiel that gave a client peace:

I am one with the Divine

I am one with the Divine.
I am one with All That Is.
I am one with all the stories that ever were or will be.
Help me to honor our work, give me strength.
Give me clarity of mind;
Hold my heart pure in your hands.
Enlighten my mind, take away my pain.
And give me the grace to love everyone. Amen

And another from Ashtar regarding raising vibration:

I ask that this food that I am about to eat, moves to its highest vibration. And that as I eat of it, I too move to the most high vibration of life. Thank you.

And one from St Francis of Assisi:

Do you ever have music playing in the background?
Yes, and so it is with prayer.
It plays along with the music.
It hums along in your heart and in your head.
You do not need to kneel in a building of stones.
Nor do you need to be pious or wear certain clothes.

Prayer is laughter on your lips.
Prayer is joy.

Ah… prayer is a natural element of your existence.
It lifts you away from the daily struggle.
It helps you to understand all the beauty
that’s around you always.

I Am One

I am one with the meadow.
I am one with the birds and butterflies.
I am one with the sun that shines down
and with the small cloud that will bring rain.
I am part of and live in harmony with all nature.

Because I am in harmony, so is my neighbor
and their neighbor and their neighbor.
Give me the strength
to maintain this harmony fueled with love.
Give me the strength to uplift my brothers and sisters.
And most of all give me the strength
to allow enlightenment to pour through my being,
So that I may better serve.

Often channeling is corrupted by the ego of the channel or others who record the words without regard to purity. They can shape what is said to reflect their beliefs or inclinations. I myself am what is called a “full trance channel”. This means that the information that comes through me does so without the filter of my ego. This is of great help when I do readings as information comes directly from spirit!

And last, no one voice, spiritual or other wise has all the answers. I channel a variety of entities and every time it is an honor and a pleasure to see who comes through. Entities from all cultures and backgrounds help me as I do readings and help my clients! I feel as if it is a rainbow of thought, or as my 11 year old granddaughter says, “Nana, your readings are not mashed potatoes all the same but a tossed salad filled with different flavors and textures!”


Love and Light,


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