Change Your Past And Your Future

By Sarah: The latest fad to hit the world stage online is the Face app which ages your face forty years in the future or back into your past when you were a child. What wonderful technology to manifest a happier past and a very exciting future.

1sarah6 Taking your face and making it younger allows you to look at that face and compare it to the face you have now. All that possibility in the young person’s face. You may presently live with triggers and trauma from growing up through your teen years and beyond and you may find that daily triggers come along and connect you to your emotional pain in childhood- causing an addiction to painful situations in this present reality. Perhaps it was a parent dying when you were young, perhaps you suffered abuse of some kind – all those powerful negative experiences will be recorded in your face over time. So flip the switch.

Take the younger looking picture of you and decide what positive memories are going to be etched into your face. The time your grandparents bought you your dream birthday present, the first time you fell in love, the time you went on a wonderful holiday – look back into the past and reflect on past positive and happy memories. This will change how you now see your face in the mirror as you have re-written the script of your past. And it is in this way that you will change your present. Over time, you will find that negativity will not be able to sit in your soul for long.

What is more fascinating is looking at the photograph of you in the future. The Face app older filter is pretty graphic – always lots of lines and wrinkles burrowed in the skin. Look at yourself in the future and consciously decide what happened to create the future face that you are presently looking at? Was it happy memories? You bet! Imagine some of the future memories you are going to have – winning an award, the birth of your first grandchild, the puppy you got on your 60th birthday.

Do you see how simple it is? People are thoroughly entertained by these new photographic filters, but the power for rewiring your life – past and future – is immense. Remember, it is our thoughts that create our reality so focusing on the future and all the amazing things you are going to experience will bring great happiness to your heart and will steer your ship in a more positive direction. If you know where you are heading, then your Angels and Guides can help you get there. Dream big with no limitation!

Who would have thought that a modern day online phone application could have such a positive impact on the life cycle of a human being?! If you would like a reading with me, let me help you re-shape your life so that all the blessings that the universe wishes to bestow can come upon you. I will help you see clearly and steer you away from emotions and situations that bring emotional pain and confusion in your heart.


Love and Light,


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