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By Sarah: My name is Sarah and I have been a Clairvoyant and Tarot Reader on Lifereader for three years. I am also an expert on relationships and soul contracts and soulmate connections – which is a very real thing! I am here to help you with the number one problem that you have right now – your love life. So you probably have feelings for this person that you have met and it just feels SO right. Like you have known them forever – and that’s when you come to a clairvoyant relationship specialist like me to find out where things are heading for you.

CATFISH: This is the person you meet online. Everything they say to you is so perfect – within a couple of days they are telling you that they are deeply in love and that you are the one they have been waiting for their entire lives. They compliment you in so many ways – you are honestly so beautiful, you are so kind and understanding, they feel like the two of you were destined to meet each other. Some may even start planning a life with you when you have only known them a short while. They contact you so many times and boost your ego and make you feel so great and needed and wanted – all the butterflies start floating around your tummy.


If it feels too good to be true then it probably is. Honest, emotionally stable people don’t fall in love online in a couple of days. Especially if you haven’t even video called each other yet. So you most certainly need to do some investigating of this person. Obviously the first step is social media – find their site and do some research on who they are. In this way you can see if they really are single, what they like doing, what their core values are. If they say they are not on social media ( but they are on an online dating app?) they are probably hiding something. Their true name, their relationship status. Trust your gut on this one.

You also need to reverse search their photograph on google. This is very simple – RESEARCH who you are chatting with reverse image search, which offers a digital paper trail of where an image has appeared on the internet. You need to use your phone for this. All you need to do is drag and drop an image into the search bar, paste a URL into the search bar, or right-click on an image when using the Chrome browser. And there you will see if the picture is real or if it is fake. You can also ask them to send a photograph of themselves standing next to their fridge holding up two fingers. Doing this can save you much pain and heartache.

Check their biographies on the Dating App – male catfish are normally in the army, working on a rig out at sea or they are a Doctor. Check out where they are from, and also what languages they speak. If it feels off then it is off. For example, saying that they speak Irish is usually a big giveaway if they are actually from France or America or even turkey. Unless they actually are Irish saying they SPEAK Irish is usually a dead give away that it is a made up profile.

And as far as their conversations are with you – any man who comes on so strong so early is not being very real. They are using complimentary words that will stir up your emotions and hormones and get you to trust them rather than research them. And NEVER send them money. I have so many intelligent clients who have been catfished. More often than not the ones who come on strong and get you to meet them really quickly are the ones who are after only one thing – sex. And when they have got what they want they ghost you – never to be heard from again. This happens with 70% of the clients who come to me for advice and help. Over and over I am counselling women who have been led on by all the feel good words spoken to them and before they realise what is happening they are sending money over to help pay the cell phone or the rent – for someone they do not even know if they are real. Or they have gone with the moment and slept with the person and they have been ghosted.

Online dating and long distance dating can be very successful – but you do need to use your intelligence before you start sharing your private world with someone. I know many marriages that were started online across the Oceans – it can turn out very well. But be intelligent..

SOULMATE: A soulmate is a VERY real feeling and sensation. You just know it in your heart. Your eyes lock and it’s as though you have known them for years. They become like your best friend. You feel so calm when you are with them and you can feel extreme empathy for them. You respect each other and balance each other out very well. It’s a sense of connection that you have never felt with anyone before. You agree on the same things and share important goals. The feeling of a soulmate you just know in your soul – however this can only really be confirmed when you are in person and have met each other. A long distance relationship is very different to an in-person relationship – you may certainly think they are your soulmate but when you meet them and start living together suddenly their mannerisms like snoring or the way they walk or the noise they make when they eat can be very off putting. You may connect in the ethos but on the earthly plane you are totally mismatched. So until you meet them don’t assume they are a soulmate – most certainly your energy is connecting with each other and the feelings are very strong but you need to meet each other to really get to know a person.

HORMONES: We are all animals and as such we have chemical reactions in our body and our mind when we are not being fulfilled emotionally in our lives – married, dating or single. The Hormone SMF Dopamine effect is usually the case when we are married and suddenly have this absolute attraction to someone who is also married at work. It could even be a neighbor or someone professional who helps you like a Vet or a Doctor. When you see this person or are near this person your heart pounds. Just thinking about them gives you an emotional rush through your body and it leaves you feeling so blissed out – but also confused. This is an animal reaction inside your body that is telling you something is missing in your life. If you are single then this is telling you quite clearly that someone very special is coming your way and that your body and soul is now ready to fall in love.

Of course all of the above are just generalizations and all of the above can bring with it confusing emotions regarding relationships. This is why it is such a powerful decision to consult an Oracle such as myself who can tune in and clearly see the path ahead for you when you can’t. I specialize in all types of relationships – affairs, break ups, divorce and separations. I have many clients who have successfully healed their relationships and others who have found their soulmate within weeks of coming to me for a Reading. Why not let me help you too?


Love and Light,


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