Can True Love Come From Wishful Thinking?

By Edwina: Make a wish come true and your dreams will become a reality. Easier said than done, is perhaps how most of us feel about this statement. Even so, there are those around the world who believe their ‘wish’ has been fulfilled and their stories of success have been shared. It has been given many names, such as the ‘Field of Intent’ by Deepak Chopra and ‘Cosmic Ordering’ by Bärbel Mohr. It is the practise of focusing your mind on what you desire and manifesting it into reality.

1edwina2 Does it work?..
Could it help someone find their perfect partner?..
..and should we be careful what we wish for?

Wish Power.
First of all, when making your wish, we must understand who or what it is, we are making the request to. Wishing upon a star is not too far off! In fact, think bigger, think of the whole expanse upon which we all co-exist. Of course, we are talking about the Universe! It is therefore important to mention, although I share my guidance, asking the Universe for anything and receiving, puts you firmly on the path to self-discovery and growth, both physically and spiritually. Your wish therefore,must always come from the heart, be pure and not mess with another person’s free will.

Universal You.
We all have a relationship with the Universe, regardless of how small we are in comparison. The space we occupy is self-evident to the Universe, like a pebble dropped in a jug of water. The water will react and make room to accommodate it, therefore the pebble has had an effect on the water; there is a level of awareness. This ‘awareness’ does not think or feel like we do and therefore the Universe serves no judgment on us. It is neither objective nor subjective. It just is, just like water! It is our physical vibration/actions which create causality, but really it is also our thoughts which also make ripples!

Now imagine floating in outer space and imagine singing out out loud your favourite song. Of course, it would not be heard! This is because for sound to be perceived, it must reverberate off something (in other words, sound bounces off the surrounding air and walls). Your thoughts are similar to sound vibration and believe me, we are all transmitting them! Thinking ill of yourself or others can only ever do ourselves harm (as mentioned in one of my previous blogs about the aura). We are all vibrating, physically and mentally and therefore; we all give the Universe substance! In return, the Universe mirrors our perceived reality. By focusing our thoughts on what we want can open the door to making your love and dreams come true.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, maybe start by creating a ‘Vision Board’.
If you would like to know more on this subject or how to increase your chances of meeting your true love, get in contact.




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