Beyond The Veil Of The Snow Moon

By Edwina: February, the month of Valentine’s day, is full of possibilities. With the exchange of gifts, as symbolic as sowing seeds, offering the prospect of new abundance and happiness in our lives. It is also the month of the Snow Moon, the second full lunar cycle of the new year, which culminates the dawn of Spring and our hunger for new beginnings, spurred on only by natures flow. Being open to new ideas and manifesting action can now occur, but beyond Cupid’s arrow; how else are we meant to manifest love beyond the veil of the Snow Moon?

The Moon goes by many names, we are referring to the ways of the native Americans. The name; Snow Moon, is traditionally believed to be charged with potential energy which is not only present at the stage of its fullest lunar cycle, but also for the entire period of its lunar month. Therefore it is important to acknowledge, though the full Moon of February is not until the 19th, Valentines day does indeed fall under it’s spell for heightened possibility and manifestation.


Though this is a time where encounters are magnetically charged and encouraged, it is also just one window of opportunity. It is unique in the sense; it is shared by the whole human consciousness. Yet things will not happen for everyone, during this time. For those who miss out on this shift; we must look else where for opportunity. In doing so, it is paramount to recognize; timing is a key ingredient for locating personal shifts which could ultimately lead to new unions and manifestation of desires.

Divine Timing

There is a belief, we are all on a journey which is being directed by the universe. The right moment only happens when the ‘conscious’ universe sees fit, but if this is true then surely freedom of choice is but an illusion? Without going too deep into philosophy; the notion of a preordained universe may or may not hold sway but either way; causality has always appeared to be a more fitting, overriding and apparent factor which affects things. It is therefore consequence of our actions which divines how the universe will most likely react, and in turn permit us to be the directors of our own lives, if not from a slightly indirect means of approach. So how does this help us manifest love into our lives? From this perspective it is of the most importance we live from the heart; be in the present moment, help others and be thankful. In return, we charge our own energies for a new shift and by becoming more receptive to others, we stay open, and hold faith our desires will be fulfilled. For some, with patience exercised, this will happen and we will find ourselves being spun into a new situation of opportunity where we can embrace love! Sometimes though, we may feel we need a little more, a ‘spark’ to speed things up.

Divining Your Timing

Just like Valentine’s day where love is reciprocated by many, what if there are days in the year unique to the individual? Where our energy is just in the correct location for us to take a leap of faith with a greater chance of pay off. Some will visit Tarot readers, others will seek Astrologers, regardless there is one key attribute we all have which will help identify where and how our personal/potential energy ebbs and flows. We are referring to; our date of birth, the location in time where everything in our lives began. If we are willing to undertake years of study, it is possible to learn how and when there will be key moments, which offer a heightened chance of possibility for manifestation. Our date of birth has a synchronicity with the universe. That said, there are some of us who born with a knowingness of when to make our move.

Ever noticed how some people seem always have the all luck? These people have been born at a more favorable time where they are just in the right flow of things! That is not say it will always be this way for them but certainly the overriding force in their lives is favorable. This always reminds me of the famous celebrity Jim Carey. Before he was famous, he wrote himself a fake cheque for a large quantity of money and months later, he had it! When he was a boy, there was a push bike he really wanted. A week later the bike was delivered to his door. Unbeknownst to him, the shop selling the bike had been running a raffle, which Jim’s friend had entered. He also entered Jim without telling him! This effortless ability for manifestation is really quite remarkable and though we may not all be so fortunate, there is reason to believe we could experience some level of luck for love in our lives.

There are a hundred ways one can divine times for manifestation and love. Date of birth plays a key role for most when divining, including myself! Where perhaps my own method differs; is through my ability to draw from intuition, opposed to using tools such as Tarot. Coupled with focus placed onto the clients aura, I am able to ascertain knowledge through spirit regarding love, health and career/money. It has been encouraging to learn from clients; my predictions have matched Astrologers predictions, whom they have spoken to the week before. It is clear my method of connecting to my clients works but it is a client’s date of birth which is the anchor point for everything which is divined. If you feel the Snow Moon is proving illusive for you and you need a spark to speed things up, get in contact with me today and together we can begin to find your ebb and flow of energy through this mysterious universe.


Blessings, Love and Light,


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