Be In Control, Not Out Of Control

By Joseph: The aim here, is to empower you with confidence, assertiveness and a high sense of self-esteem, to connect with your goddess inner-powers and for you to always believe that you are beautiful in your own way, able and capable of achieving wonders and not to feel insecure in your own skin and especially to avoid becoming an option in a man’s life, but to become his priority and main focus point of admiration, love and respect – In general, men do first look at women objectively (physically or sexually) but not subjectively (emotionally, spiritually).

1joseph2 It takes time to develop emotional commitment in a man, so, you just need patience and time to reverse this common trend and make your man fall in love with whom you are within, not just physically. Just go out and enjoy the time, the moments, the day and the connection. Enjoy the person, treat him just like a friend, not someone you desire or expect instant commitment and want to possess. Reflect an attitude of real confidence, assertiveness and project a style/sense of femininity and independence, playfulness, and adventure. Be connected, but not expecting, clinging or demanding (as if you are not that interested) so to speak, let him do the chase, for by being a little bit mysterious and not available all the time, you will give him the reasons and the challenge to pursue your heart.

Success has nothing to do with age, beauty or looks, but rather self-perception, an attitude, it is a style. – You do not need to change who you are, just fine-tune certain attributions and create a balance between the logical reasoning of perception and the emotional feeling of your behavior and expectation. You will then be in control and the priority, not out of control and the option.

“The first step in solving any problem – is recognizing there is one”.

Do not be annoyed with yourself, for such is life & if everyone thinks or says why me, why it happens to me, then nothing would ever happen to anyone in this life, there will be no challenges, no lessons learnt, no experiences or wisdom gained, hence no changes, no progress and no advancement. These situations do happen to most of us. The idea is for you to never to give up, but to get up once more and face another day, another challenge with courage and confidence to achieve success. Handle one thing, one issue or one concern at any one time, deal with it, resolve it, then tackle the next and the next and soon, there will be none. Remember (so to speak) one must first face the music in order to deal with and handle an entire orchestra – NO ONE is in charge of your happiness but YOU.

If you want to be happy, don’t focus on how things are bad – focus on how you can make a change. At this stage, focus on the present. That’s important and what you do in the present will pave the way for the tomorrow. Remember (so to speak) one must first face the music in order to deal with and handle an entire orchestra – NO ONE is in charge of your happiness but YOU.


Love and Guidance,


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