Be A Money Magnet

By Jennifer Jean: We are all capable of manifesting more money, wealth, abundance and prosperity into our lives. The first thing you need to look at and really contemplate is your belief about money or wealth. Ask yourself honestly “what is my relationship with money?” “where do my beliefs about money come from?” were you told and conditioned to feel that money is the root of all evil? Or perhaps you were conditioned to believe that only people from affluent backgrounds get all the riches? Maybe you just got stuck in a pattern of beliefs or behaviors from generations before you.

1jenni2 You are not bound to repeat those patterns if it doesn’t feel right for you. You get to choose what feels right for you. If you desire more money, than you must build a healthy relationship towards money. If you begin to Love and respect money, it will in turn Love and respect you back. Money is just energy after all. To start attracting more money in to your life you must focus on wealth/money. It will be impossible for you to bring more money into your life when you are constantly focusing on the lack of it. It is time to rewire your thoughts about money and attune to the frequency of abundance. You can have anything you want, but first you need to give up the belief that you can’t have it.

This is the Law of attraction I’m talking about. Your thoughts are energy that send signals/frequency into the Universe which is also energy. Your thoughts become things, so if you can see it in your minds eye, believe you are worthy of it, you will most certainly hold it in your hand! Have you given yourself permission to be prosperous? You can not be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you haven’t done. Doing the same thing over and over will not yield different results. The only limits in our lives are the ones we impose on ourselves. Take back your power now and become that money magnet you have always wanted to become. It really just begins with your thoughts and where you are putting your energy. Now trash the fear and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

You want success? Of course you do! How about you start by telling yourself I have unlimited power! I deserve to be successful! I am committed to results! I am focused, I am passionate and everyday I take steps towards my goals. Others help me get what I want. Money flows to me easily. I am a Money magnet! In fact if you write this or any statement that resonates with your goals, than frame it or stick it up on your refrigerator and read it everyday. That is the quickest way to retraining your brain. The funny thing about our subconscious mind is that it will believe what ever you tell it. So why not tell it I am very very rich! Sooner or later that is the very thing you will manifest! You have to be diligent though, this is not just a one off, you must keep at your new belief or you will just slip right back to where you came from.

In order to truly tap into this new higher frequency you must believe in it’s reality. One other thing I find helpful is making a vision board. Making a vision board can be so fun and inspiring. Collect a bunch of magazines and start cutting out images of things you desire or are attracted to. Shiny new car, a cottage, boat, new clothes or whatever you like. Then paste it on a board and hang it up where you will see it everyday. This acts as a reminder to stay focused on your goals. I also read once that writing yourself a big fat check in any amount you deem feasible is also a great money manifesting technique. Apparently Jim Carrey did this before he was famous….stick it to your vision board!

I will share with you a Money Mantra I use everyday.

I am very very rich
People love giving me money
Money always finds it’s way to me
I feel like a Million bucks
There’s plenty where that came from
I naturally attract good Fortune!

Say it with me, I manifest abundance by being grateful for what I already have.

I love money, and money loves me!


Yours truly,

Jennifer Jean,

“Your Money manifesting Empress”

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