Balance And Healthy Relationships

By Skye: A healthy relationship with yourself is the balance of your Whole Being. The balance of Masculine and Feminine energies, everyone has both regardless of gender. Balance of Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon, connection with Earth, and the Universe. Calm mind, healthy body, connection with Intuition. Being in a state of trust means that you are not in a state of fear. Being in love means that you are not in hate.

My belief is that the difference between healthy love and unhealthy co-dependency is that love is true and unconditional. It’s being able to see the other person as that, another person. A being having their own experiences, their own journey, having their own story, their own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. True love allows them to be that, nurtures that and encourages their growth.


Co-dependency acts from fear. It acts out of desperation. It comes from a fear of rejection, abandonment, expectations and with a focus on an outcome rather than allowing the relationship to be organic and in the present moment. We all have triggers and relationships (especially new ones) are great at setting them off and bringing our greatest fears to the surface. If we are not in a state of love with ourselves and a healthy balance within ourselves, those triggers control our life and can be unhelpful and damaging to our relationships.

A healthy balance within yourself radiates into your environment and promotes healthy relationships with others. Sometimes we can waiver out of balance and that’s ok. When you can recognize that imbalance and do what you need to, to come back to your neutral space, that is growth and awareness.

A healthy relationship with another person is two beings promoting balance in their life and then coming together to create balance and share experiences. When there is an imbalance, that’s ok, it will happen sometimes in some areas, so as long as both are aware and able to bring themselves back to a neutral space or help each other to do that, with love. It is when the imbalance seems overwhelming or coming back to balance is difficult that life can seem problematic. In that regard, one can reach out and seek guidance and help from an external source, such as a Reader, Energy Healer, Shaman, Counselor etc.

Your essence is love, your shadow is fear.

It is better to reach out and help your being come back to neutral balance than to not. Sometimes it is harder to stay where you are than to take the choice to change.

If you feel like you are at a point where you have tried everything yourself to achieve a healthy relationship with yourself or someone else and would like some Guidance or energy healing, reach out and let’s have a chat to see how I can help you.


Love and Light,


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