Awakening Your Dreams

By Edwina: “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”-Bill Hicks

1edwina2Many of us spend our lives searching for something, searching for treasure which will give us life fulfillment. Maybe you seek love, wealth or increased health and vitality. If only we had a birds-eye view of our life map then perhaps we would understand the reason why we can’t see our “treasure” on the horizon, it is because where it’s marked X is right beneath our feet! Accepting this truth is not only a step towards bringing positive change, but also having a leap of faith in understanding the reality we live in.

The opening quote, although sourced from a comedian, is worth sharing since it gives us a point of view which we are all loosely aware of but forget in our daily routines. “Life is but a dream” from the famous song Row, Row Your Boat also closely relates to this notion/underlying message; beyond our ability to learn is our ability to believe in ourselves (leap of faith), and conceive of what we should learn if we are to reach our dreams.

So how do we find the door, which will open our perception to new things?

Can we reach our dreams and desires without expectation?

And will abundance bring happiness?

The answer to these sorts of questions require an open mind, time and patience. Nothing truly desired is ever easy to acquire. We must learn to align ourselves with the “Law of Attraction”, only then are we able to manifest things into the physical world. To align ourselves involves taking reference from ancient texts known as Sanskrit. The key word of Sanskrit we are interested in, is called the “Ajna” which many will know as; the sixth chakra or “third-eye”.

It is now commonly agreed upon, the “third eye” is located in our pineal gland, within the brain. It is, out of all the chakras’ in the human body, the most focused point of ethereal energy and therefore is the helm from which our mental functions can awaken and grow. By activating your “third-eye” things just fall into place. An overwhelming sense of purpose will overtake you. Your appreciation for the simple things in life will become more and more apparent, and this is all linked to your natural intuition, which will become heightened.

There are many books and online videos which can help you on this journey of self-discovery but remember to also take caution. For those who have activated their third-eye, have done so with patience and grounding. It is not something which can be forced. If we choose to build our muscles through exercise, the main risk we might endure is injury through lack of warm-up, using too heavier weight too soon, or not taking long enough rest periods. The “third eye”, as mentioned, is intricately linked to our mental capacity and perception. By overloading the “third eye” too soon, can be detrimental to our minds and cause delusional episodes.

As the song says “gently down the stream”, going with the flow is key to opening the door and awaking your “third-eye”. We all have spirit guides, call upon them, even if you can’t see, hear or feel them, they are there for you and work for your greater good. Envision a world of love and you shall receive it in return, for the ‘X’ is where you stand and “we are the imagination of ourselves.”

If you have questions and would like to learn more, regardless of what your goal or dreams might be; contact me and together lets awaken your true potential and happiness.


Kind regards,


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