August 12-18 2019 Tarotscope

By Sarah: Here is your  August 12-18 Tarotscope.

AQUARIUS – This is an amazing week for you. I see something major happening concerning wealth and finance and this week is certainly the week to apply for that promotion or even by a lotto ticket. I see something exciting worth celebrating, perhaps even the chance of a marriage announcement. You are asked to bring spirituality more into your day to day life, so find yourself some spiritual reading material to indulge in.

PISCES – You are at the start of a new cycle in your life and the slate has been wiped clean. Focus on what you would like to manifest into your life and focus on this as we move into the phase of the next full moon. There are certainly some serious decisions to make and if you don’t yet have the answers, don’t worry about this as the missing pieces of the puzzle will soon come your way. This week will be a journey of self confidence for you so hold your head up high and let your voice be heard loud and clear.

1sarah6 ARIES – This is the week for you to be decisive and to take action. Don’t hide back in the shadows there are changes to be made in your life. You are always giving so much to others, but this week you are asked to send love back to yourself for a change. Do some inner soul searching and try and let go of any bitterness or resentment from the past. This is the week to make yourself feel amazing inside and out so spoil yourself with a new item of clothing or a special perfume or aftershave.

TAURUS – Business and wealth is taking a HUGE step forward this week. Lots of changes happening around you career wise and all for the better. Any struggles you have been going through financially will eventually be resolved. This is an excellent week for creating wealth, applying for that new job or tendering for a new contract. Any problems that you foresee exist only in your mind and will not occur in real life. Relax and enjoy the week ahead..

GEMINI – Concerning love there seems to be a bit on an emptiness inside your soul this week and you need to ‘man up’ and face the music. What would bring you the most happiness right now? In what areas of your life are you lacking? A successful, happy life requires inner balance so once you know what’s missing you can manifest what you need to bring yourself closer to contentment. The magic all begins with you and if you can imagine it, then it can really happen. Let your imagination run wild.

CANCER – This week is a good one and I see growth and change. You are shown turning away from areas of problems or sadness in your life onto happier times, which is good news for any Cancerian crab. Make sure you go slow enough to maintain a nice balance in life and focus on a clear goal as I see some luck coming your way as a special wish is granted. Therefore, make sure you stay focused on what you want rather than on what you fear.

LEO – Problems for you this week miraculously goes away and this seems like a good time of the month for you. I see your heart filled with love and compassion for your fellow man and I see you might do a favor for someone which will have great benefits for you down the line. This is certainly a step in the right direction and if you have any money worries then this will be the week that the issues will be sorted out. You may at times feel a bit lost, but just know that everything is working out perfectly for you no matter what the situation is.

VIRGO – There maybe some legal issue that you are having to deal with – a divorce taking place, a marriage, the signing of a new contract for a home. Rest assured that everything will work out in your favor. I see the turning point has come and decisions need to be made so enjoy this period of tying up loose ends in your life. You are asked to step up to the plate and be assertive – let others know what you are demanding and settle for nothing less than what you really want. You will have this amazing energy force that just attracts whatever you want into your life this week. You should also be feeling quite creative.

LIBRA – Lots of changes sweeping into your life this week, Libra. There are things that you did for others in the past that really assisted in a kind way and as such you have some really good karma coming your way over this week. Luck is on your side and good fortune favors you. This is the week to take a chance, so buy your lotto or raffle ticket and see how your luck pans out. This is also the week to arrange that first date with someone you care about. Something you have been wanting to happen for a long time will literally occur out of nowhere. This is an exciting week.

SCORPIO – This week is the week to close the door on the past. There is so much emotional baggage and pain that needs to be worked through so if you cannot cope with this alone then get a professional to assist you. This emotional pain could be from past lives and to allow you to move freely into the future, you need to package away the memories from the past in a more positive way. There is an unexpected surprise coming your way this week, so be excited.

SAGITTARIUS – This is a week of learning and I am shown emotional growth taking place. You may feel seriously frustrated at times wishing things would move faster, but you have to keep in mind that we are but human and that inner growth takes time. You cannot turn water into wine overnight. The change will be worth it and greater happiness is coming into your life. This is also the week where new love can happen. I do see that it may be a bit stressful at times so make sure you are eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and increase your intake of Vitamin B.

CAPRICORN – You are on a journey right now, which is helping you improve your lifestyle. The journey will be slow, so learn to pace yourself. Keep focused on what it is that you wish to manifest in your life so that you feel very positive about the direction life is taking. I see that you also have a good head for making money this week so call those potential new clients and seal the deal. Try not to be too hard on others and have patience with them.You are shown moving forward with balance and speed in the right direction.


Love and Light,


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