Attract More Happiness On Your Road To Love This New Year

By Cristina: There is nothing more exciting than facing a new year. It’s a time for a brand new start, the opportunity to really make that change you always wanted. It doesn’t have to be a New Year’s resolution, but a sort of notch on the belt of life. Another year has passed, we can press on to a new chapter in our journey.

This year you may have suffered, disappointments, worries, heartbreak and other human maladies. Things beyond our control can keep us blind to the positive vibration of happiness around us all the time. In nature, in children’s faces, in a dog’s tail wagging, it is a constant force and it is our choice to take it with both hands and drink until we are full.

cristina2 Mahatma Gandhi knew the true meaning of happiness. “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” Happiness is all about what you put forth into the world. No one outside ourselves has the power to make us happy. Only we have the power to connect and be in alignment with our true spiritual selves. If you make up your mind to be happy the body and spirit follow. The question is, how do we go about choosing happiness or being in harmony with thought, word, and deed as Gandhi suggested?

The universe, humanity, and life itself runs in perfect order with a balance of negative and positive energies. We are all particles connected to everything in the universe. Our spirit, our humanity brings a contribution to life itself. The beauty of all this is that we can balance out negative experiences in our lives by embracing happiness.

Many of us work hard to get someone to love us, or we look to others to give us happiness rather than focusing on what we can bring to life. Rather than asking, when love or happiness come into our lives our focus should be what we, as spiritual beings, can we bring to life itself.

For many of us, it’s difficult to count our joyful times and much easier to count our miserable experiences. The key is to change our thoughts now as soon as we start reliving a miserable past or a present difficulty. Even if you are having a good hair day, count that as a blessing. Counting your blessings is a cliché but one that actually changes your vibration from feeling sad to bringing you joy. Counting your blessings is going over in your mind what you have in your life that puts you in a mindset of gratitude. Another thing is to ask daily how may you serve life, how may you serve others.

In addition to refocusing on gratitude and how you may serve, there are a few more suggestions to help open you up to receive happiness:

• Live in the present moment. Bask in what is going on around you that is right or that feels right. Even if it’s witnessing a bee pollinating a flower find beauty and love and joy in your present moment because that is honestly all you have. Keep your attention on what is good in your life and let go of the bad.

• In silence God/Goddess speaks. Take a few moments every day to sit and listen, spirit is speaking all the time. Listen and go with your intuition. That gut feeling you may have is their voice speaking to you. It is your own “sixth sense” coming alive. You find happiness is your connection to your highest self and in trusting that voice in your head that comes out loud and clear.

• Your goal is in discovering your own personal worth. What other people think about you is none of your business and only gets in the way of your personal happiness. You are who you think you are and that person is fabulous, so give up the need for approval it is in your way.

• The intelligence of the universe is within you. We are creators of our reality and as creators; we have the power to organize all matter, energy and thought. Use the power to create a reality that is wonderful in every aspect. Even if that reality is at first a dream, keep dreaming until it becomes real remember every reality begins with a thought.

• Let go of control and accept what you can’t change. Remember ,you have the power only to change yourself, not anything or anyone around you. You have the power to fix yourself and not every situation either. Let go and Let God/Goddess…trust me, you’ll be way happier.


Forget all New Year’s resolutions, instead focus on what is great in your life and how to make it better! Happy New Year!

Love and Light,


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