Are You Under Psychic Attack?

By Edwina: Many of you will have experienced the phenomenon known as ‘psychic attack’ yet perhaps were not fully aware of what was going on. In my previous blog, we talked about your auric field and how it directly impacts our lives. We are now going to focus on the external forces which may be at play in our lives and our auras! I have categorized ‘psychic attack’ into three types, which are as follows.

1. Sub-unintentional.
2. Sub-intentional.
3. Conscious strike.

1edwina2 So sit back, read on and by the end of this article you will be equipped in the art of ‘psychic self-defense’.

Most us will have at some point used an online auction website, such as eBay. Some of you will have had a good experience and some of you will have had a bad experience. Sometimes everything will go to plan and though we never see the merchants face, we feel satisfied with the exchange. Other times, it is further down the line when our item does not arrive, the item is faulty or it is the wrong item. Either way it is in these instances where the exchange has actually cost us more than what we had hoped and has not payed off.

General interaction with people can be just like this! Though we can see the other persons’ face, we cannot see their mind. It is easy to say one thing but think something else. We all have an agenda/opinion (of some shape or form) and our interactions with others will have a direct impact on our auric field. Therefore think of your auric field like your bank account, your exchange of goods/money as your thoughts and spoken word. Sometimes we do well out of these exchanges, other times not so. We have to give the benefit of the doubt, when an exchange might have been an innocent mistake (a.k.a. sub-unintentional). A passing remark/thought on someone’s appearance can cause offence/negativity where it was not intended. On other occasions we may have been quite clearly conned out of our money/deeply hurt due to disagreement (a.k.a. sub-intentional). My point being, negative thoughts play a big part in our relationships. We are naturally able to pick up sub-consciously on what our loved ones might be thinking, before speaking, because over time we become biologically magnetized. If someone is sad or depressed for some reason, this is the energy/thoughts they are broadcasting, even before they speak. In turn, we might start to feel down too (a.k.a. sub-unintentional) or drained by their low level of life energy. Essentially, they are sapping the life energy out of you! On other occasions we might feel angry with someone and think something nasty of them and maybe even express it with words (a.k.a. sub-intentional). All of this, whether we mean or not will take its toll on your aura and it highlights why it is important to not allow our minds to become lazy and habitually think negatively on people and life in general. Positivity will always attract negativity, we must all remember this and remember to see the silver lining where ever possible.

The Conscious strike (a.k.a. curses).

Whereas the first two categories deal with our natural ability to ‘psychic attack’, this final category comes with an extremity of intent! We are of course talking about the world of curses.

We live in a world much like the old, where people still believe, fear and practice in the art of cursing others. It is a subject which I do not condone and have had to help those who have felt they had fallen victim. There are those who advertise and sell their ability to curse others, and those who have resorted to such low means of paying to have curses placed on ex-lovers or someone who they felt deserved such an unnecessary conscious strike. For some people, this is a very real thing and for others not so, but regardless the word ‘curse’ exists in our reality and can cause havoc on people’s lives. A curse or ‘conscious strike’ is the expression of one’s wish for misfortune to befall on someone with a cruel and destructive intent. It comes in many forms, from witchcraft to voodoo and can only cause harm for all parties involved, in the long-run. By this I mean, the karmic energies in our reality will always push the wheel of fortune against those who have caused the conscious strike. There is no hiding from it and nothing goes unnoticed, if you resort to curses, it WILL come back and visit YOU!

As mentioned, I have a lot of experience when dealing with energies of a malicious nature and if you or someone you know feels there is a curse plaguing your lives or previous lives, please get in contact. These energies can be lifted and your auras can function once again with vitality.




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