Are You Choosing A Quality Companion

By Isabella: Everyone hungers and longs for that perfect relationship and the majority have had at least one meaningful, compatible relationship in their lifetime. But you may be surprised to learn that many people will settle for less because they fear they will never find anyone.

isabella3 That begs the question; “How much do you trust yourself?” Are you confident in your ability to choose a mate wisely or does the first person who says, “I love you” win the prize…you? Emotions and your personal issues add up to the kind of mate you will choose. If you are needy you will choose a clingy person. If you have commitment/trust issues, you will choose someone who will cheat on you or who will be unable to commit to you long term.

Healthy relationships have several key ingredients and while all are different and unique unto the souls living them, there are a few ways you can determine if your intended will be a short romance or a long term partnership.

1. Do you sense you’ve known each other in previous lives? Is there a familiarity unlike others? Past life, soul mate and twin soul connections are most commonly seen in long term marriages or relationships. Souls who have come back together to continue, to address issues, to heal old wounds or simply to continue the love, are the best kind of relationships. With so many souls in your personal soul group and the average person having around 200 lifetimes, you should have plenty of opportunities to encounter such a mate.

2. Do you have moments of intense passion then unexplained anger or irritation? That signifies you have karma to work out. Negative karma displays in a few ways. The first time you meet someone you have negative karma with, you will either love them or hate them, depending on how dramatic the karma. If you are evolved spiritually, you will probably adore them because your higher self is aware it behooves you to get it right this time and to “love your enemy” so to speak. If you are not that evolved you will be repelled by the person. Karma is a great breeding ground for mastery.

3. Is your intended upfront with you? Do they tell you what to expect and then live it? Forthright is a key ingredient to keep suspicion at bay. Men in particular are typically not open and upfront about anything which usually drives women crazy. It is important that both parties have a dialogue which is open and honest if you want a healthy relationship.

4. Is your partner romantic and attentive? If they are not in the beginning you can be sure they will not be as you go along. The first 4 months is the honeymoon phase of any relationship and how a person behaves during that time is paramount to how they will behave once they are in love.

5. Is your intended more interested in their social media connections than you? If they are spending all their time on their phone or device, on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or other, then you are going to be taking the back seat for a long time to come.

6. Is your partner more interested in sex than in conversation? This is a big one because if you begin a relationship based on sexuality, it will burn out sooner than later. Your mama was right. Don’t give it up so soon. Get to know who you are interacting with, their character and become friends first. Sex muddies clarity and is not a good foundation for anything other than a climax.

7. Does he/she respect you? Is your partner genuinely interested in your career, your hobbies, your political leaning and your dreams? If he/she talks more about themselves when you are together, it’s probably not going to hold your interest for long.

8. Do you laugh together? Laughter is the definitive glue for a healthy relationship. Laughter ignites, it heals, it unites and frankly as you age it is what will keep you young looking and young at heart. The couple who laughs at each other and with each other keeps joy alive.

9. Do you harbor or forgive, forget and move on? If you have a victim mentality you harbor and blame your partner for your own unhappiness or problems. Harboring is the number one reason for breakups. Nagging, ragging and bitching about the past or mistakes made does not fix the past. Holding onto an old insult or slight is trite and shows emotional immaturity. Get over it easily and grow or drive the one you love away…it’s a choice.

10. Do you try to change your mate? You chose them because you liked what they were so why are you trying to change it? Helping someone grow and trying to change them are 2 different things. If you are trying to make them like you, forget it because no two people are the same.

There are so many more ways to determine if you are choosing a lasting relationship. Call me, I’ve assisted millions of people in living their best life and in attracting their perfect relationship!


Love and only love,


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