Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (Direction And Transformation Time)

By Bridgette: This is an unusually longest “Total Eclipse of the century”, co-joining with Mars Retrograde, and squares with the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) So this heavily charged, erratic Electricity, causes instability as it courses through our veins, which is instigating an erratic “change… as well as a potential for change.

1bridgette2 A deep unconscious desire to be seen differently, coming from our own soul, our own consciousness, creating challenges from our individual “soul” where we have to make changes, because things are not going according to plan.. This requires us to make changes and resolving problems from a different dimension than where those problems are/were created. (The same as Einstein quoted, him being an Aquarian soul himself). It’s a time where we must necessarily be flexible.. we take things “with a grain of salt”. One of the big opportunities, mastering, handling our nervous system.

This is actually a wonderful time to really be exploring what it is that allows us to center ourselves.=what is most important for our own individual journey in actualizing our truer deeper desires of who we are as unique independent individuals. This Eclipse falls under the Aquarian/Leo polarity… Eclipses happen every 6 months, when the sun conjoins with the moon Nodes (where the moon passes) the plane of the ecliptic, where all the planets are aligned in the singular plane through most parts..( a very important planet in astrology) Where the planets pass this planet creates nodes, So the sun joins the moons Nodes.

The new and full moons nodes are what creates the phenomena of the Lunar Eclipse. Astrologically speaking, the moons nodes are indicators of direction and our own birth chart, it is critically important, it’s our own individual soul journey…our evolutionary unfolding during our own life.

South node is the past, what is familiar and lessons from the past..The north node is more so unfamiliar (potentially) where our soul desire/acquire to grow in order to continue to evolve… so the moons nodes reveal this evolutionary tension and its evolutionary mechanisms, which shapes most of our evolutionary life and our progress that are unfolding as we continue to live and breathe… as much as its new its also “the old”, that’s where we get stuck (south node). So there’s a point where we go back and forth, as its going through this dimensional blender, everything is shifting. Things from the past that is no longer working/irrelevant… is where we need to let go in order to create space, that way new things, possibilities can be brought forth.

This lunar eclipse is going to eradicate(just a degree away from the Mars retrograde). It really carries the theme of liberating ourselves… the drive-passion. The way we direct ourselves (Mars),is our confidence to initiate our own direction to life… A time of make-ups and break-ups… Especially the 2nd week of August… liberation from the past.

A big shift in collective consciousness. So changes and space are necessary to create and bring forth new possibilities. A good time to take some advice from your guides, Psychics and astrologers in personal life path readings in order to reflect and move forward with confidence to a better new life path… Wishing all clarity and blessings from me your psychic/clairvoyant/astrologer.


Love and Light,


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