Angels Whisper To Me And You

By Isabella: Angels have gotten a bad rap over the years with so many trying to make them something they aren’t. First of all they were once humans, some, in many lifetimes, but they evolved and became selfless enough to don the crown of angels. Secondly, they do not have wings, no need for them, as they can move energetically through every mansion plane. They can, however, manifest the appearance of wings if that is what the person they are working with, needs or wants to see.

isabella3 Angels have also been drowned out by society over the past decade. With all the reality TV shows which inspire tawdry, tacky and mean-spirited behavior and racism on the rise, the clamoring on earth is absolutely shattering to their energy. Remember, they come like Spirit in the still small, quiet space of the soul and mind.

That’s not to say they aren’t with you, THEY VERY MUCH ARE. But to really hear and work with them you have to be still, be quiet and listen. They are with you when you walk, meditate, sleep or simply call them. They draw nearer to you when you do not curse or swear, a known quote says, “With every foul word another angel leaves your presence.” They also love incense and candles and dim lighting which doesn’t mask their own pure light. They love humble people, one full of gratitude and love. They love an open mind, one willing to listen to even the most extraordinary instruction. They love music, the lilting kind. If you are playing AC/DC or Metallica, you will not see them. Loud noises shatter their frequency. Lullaby’s and classical music delight their spirit; spiritual or praise music causes them to hover in mass around you. If you want them close by, be kind, be loving and be gentle. If you are angry, hateful or any other lower emotion, they will still help you, but you will not sense or see them until you calm down.

Angels need YOU as much as YOU need them. They grow proportionately by helping others, it is essential to their very existence. Seek, ask, knock and the door to angels will open unto you. The more verbal you are in communicating with them, the more they respond. The more you thank them, the more they respond, the greater the need, the greater their presence in your life.

Angels whisper to me every day, it is how I help all of you and the clients I serve worldwide. I have honed the skill of listening and tuning into them and they delight in relaying information helpful to all of you. If you want to know more about angels, please give me a call, WE would love to serve you.


Blessings and love for a beautiful holiday season. Remember the reason for the season.

Beams of Love,


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