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By Sarah: If you are a woman and you are coming to LifeReader for Psychic Readings – then you are actually a Spiritual Goddess. Does that come as a shock to you? To realize that you could be described as a Goddess? Believe me – that is what you are. A spiritual healer from the UK told me the same thing 20 years ago and I didn’t understand her at the time – but now older and wiser and in my mid 50’s, I understand EXACTLY what she was saying.

In this article I am going to give you some honest spiritual advice that will cut corners for you in your life, boost your moral and your ego and give you the advice you need to live in a calm and successful, happy and committed relationship with someone else. You will learn how to manifest what it is that you need and how to control your mind to focus on what you want and NOT on what you fear.


The first thing I want you to understand and remember – because yes, you have this wisdom and knowledge buried deep within your soul from previous incarnations. In Ancient Egypt, it was the women who ran and guided the household. The husband would fall under the woman as it was the woman who was enlightened. The men would walk their journey with the woman and when he also became enlightened he was then allowed to wear a wig.

Then along came the traditional Church and everything to do with wise women – Goddess Women – was wiped off the face of the earth for 200 years. This was also the witch burning period and the time when all the pagan festivals were adopted by the church and changed.

The period of time we are living in now is the time of the inner Divine Femine to arise. All of us – you included – are finding ourselves in a position where we feel this inner fury, we want to have our voices heard, we want to be acknowledged and seen both inside and outside the home.

Women are very different to men – we are intuitive, we can grow life, we can sustain pain – both emotional and physical. We are kind and nurturing. We are more often than not in a relationship where we are not appreciated by our partners and our emotional needs are not being met. We are left lonely and confused, being called crazy for speaking out about how much we crave the love and attention being brought back to us. Or we are single and confused and fed up of being used and abused by broken promises of men who see scoring a chick a notch on their bedpost and nothing more.

It is time to say enough! As women it is our time to stand up and lead – lead the family and lead society. If your man is NOT paying attention to your needs – it is because you have spoiled him. You have given him everything that he needs and now he wants more. As a man, he is not able to feel that deep intuitive feeling that allows him to reciprocate the love and care that us as women give to him. We satisfy his every need and want, we clean his home, pay the rent and take care of the children. When he is hurting or lost we are here to bandage his heart. But the more we do this the more they begin to feel like they are owed this. They take it as it comes – they must be a God and therefore they demand more and give less. Until The woman is at breaking point. A woman can endure a lot of verbal and emotional abuse until she buckles under the weight and pressure and becomes a hysterical mess.

What usually then happens is the relationship breaks up and the woman is left feeling devastated and bewildered and utterly heartbroken. The word Narcissist is said over and over and we are shocked that their perfect man has turned out this way. Over a period of a few really hard and terrible weeks – the man comes back into her life (realizing how much she did for him and now he is missing the attention and care) and the whole cycle starts all over again. because as women, we are givers.

This needs to stop. You need to have boundaries. You need to realise that we are a blessing to a man and as such HE needs to woo and care for us, not the other way around. Women – we have watched too many Disney movies – our handsome Prince is NOT going to rescue us. So if your relationship ends because he is not meeting your needs and refused to wake up and adapt – let him walk. There is a traditional pattern that always happens and I am going to tell you how to turn your relationship around but it is a step by step process.

The relationship ends and your man walks out in a huff and a sulk. So let him. Yes it’s going to burn so hard it will really hurt when he first leaves. The first five days are the worst. But the pain you are feeling? That is the pain of you loving yourself, finding yourself. As women, we are so used to giving, that when we are left on our own the love we deserve comes from within and you may mistake it for heartache in missing your man. That is not the case – it is the pain of YOU loving YOU. SO keep yourself busy – don’t be distracted by any thought of him. Imagine that he is walking out into a bubble where NONE of you is going to love, care or heal him. You are going to set him free and allow him to walk his path and let Karma teach him a lesson. In the meantime you are going to nurture and love yourself, have your hair done, buy some new clothes and you are not going to text or call him until he texts or calls you.

When he makes contact – however tough he may be – know that he is feeling weak and he is missing you – and your energy. See it as a bonus point for you. The idea of this journey is for you to build up your inner core and your inner strength so that when he comes knocking on your door maybe two months down the line – you realise that it is actually YOU who has the power in this relationship and not him. Because he cannot be trusted to nurture and care for you the way you do for him. No more must he be the spoilt man – mothers are to blame for this most certainly – nurturing their sons far too much and giving them a sense of entitlement.

It is time for you to claim your power. If you are single – know your worth! One of the things I often tell my clients – single or involved – is to join a dating site. Write a biography profile that shows you as the true Goddess that you are. That you are looking for an equal partner, that you understand the use of crystals and astrology. That you work with the law of karma. These are all power words that will catch you a male/female polarized male. A man who is in touch with his Divine Feminine. Tinder is the perfect place to start – yes Tinder. For a month you are going to be on the dating site and you are not going to answer one single message that comes your way. As a woman – you are going to sit back and bask in the attention that many, many men are going to make towards you. Why are you going to do this? To polarize the Divine Masculine in you, to boost your ego and allow you to realise how magnificent you are as a female human being. This is also great for women who are being downtrodden, blocked out their husband or partners life, ignored and dismissed. There is nothing like an inbox FULL of messages from interested men to show a woman the Goddess that she really is.

If you would like help writing your personal profile for an online dating site please message me and I will help you write it and hold your hand and guide you while you spend a month letting random men drool and admire your online profile. As women it is time we take back out power. If you meet a new guy – introduce the three month no kissing rule – get to know them. See if they are worth your time and energy before you sleep with them. It takes about three months to get to know someone so go back to the old fashioned way of courting and truly get to know one another.

Beautiful Goddess Omen – bring me your relationship problems and issues and let me help you get the energy balanced in your relationship and in your business and personal life. I believe in you!


Love and Light,


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