A Universe Falling In And Out Of Love

By Edwina: Just like anything in the Universe, we are caught in a constant flux of perpetual motion, resulting in constant change. Our connection with one another is just as susceptible to change. Even if we do not take our eyes off the prize, the dynamic which made a relationship once special may one day be fundamentally altered and changed by another. People, and the Universe, will inevitably insist upon taking us out of our ‘safe space’ of familiarity, exposing us to feelings both on the low and high polarity field of contentment and happiness.

When we are on the low polarity, it reminds us; we can only master outcome through acceptance of failure and/or respecting when others want other things in their life. We call this ‘growing pains’ and it is not only young love which is subjected to it… regretfully!

Although some of us may or may not believe in Karma, the fact is; if you go to the gym frequently, you’ll get in shape. If you have high calorie intake with little exercise, you will most likely put on weight. Action, reaction, it is counter intuitive and requires only energy and time to manifest results. In this sense, we can easily recognize we are the master creators of our own universe yet in life and love, things can be more complicated than this. Situations can arise which are out of our control, forcing us to act. No matter how good we treat someone, experiencing full reciprocation 12 months down the line has no firm guarantee. Things happen sometimes beyond our control which cannot be reversed. Is it the Universe stepping in for our greater good or is it just bad luck?

That is something perhaps only you can decide but believing in a greater path, your journey must take, can only ever be valued with hindsight. It is therefore faith we must rely on, in times of trouble and upset. Though our heart’s may never stop loving another, over time things naturally heal but are never forgotten. There are of course preventative steps we can take to reduce the chances of repeating past life experiences but ultimately the first step is of the most important…


For those in a relationship; the gift of balanced ‘give and take’ is key because it is not only hard to find but more so difficult to maintain over a long period of time. This is because, as mentioned, we are continually growing and changing but where love is concerned; it can be our greatest fear of growing apart from the one we deeply love! Yet the difficulty is; continual close proximity with a lover can lead to potential stagnation and toxicity. Remember, physical “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Having a life outside of love is not a bad thing!

If you feel your relationship requires an early spring clean, or you are still searching for the one, get in contact with me today. I work to bring my client’s into their high polarity of happiness through connecting to their energetic auric fields and raising its vibration. We can unravel things which may have gone wrong in the past and build a future surrounded by those and the things we hold close to our hearts.

My name is Edwina and when you are ready, we can begin your Happy Ever After!


Love and Light,


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