A Toolbox For The New Year

By Bridgette: This month, the first month of the year.. We begin again, perhaps with the same question- Why? is the wrong question to be asking. More important, who am I? whom am I told to be? Who will I be tomorrow- ten years from now, or who will I be when I die? Who do I want to be? Who is it inside of me who aspires, dreams, creates, laughs, weeps, and loves?

1bridgette2 “Jung” regards the discovery of the answer to this question as a task of all tasks. Inescapable we are the narratives, the heroes of our own personal mythology. The hero is the metaphor of self- discovery, struggling with inner demons and monsters… bringing the light of consciousness to inner darkness. Trying to understand the forces that shapes and made a self, a whole human being.

Engaging with such a task, the larger realization always begin to dawn on us that in order to be truly heroic, the rewards of heroism – it’s boon s- it’s knowledge – it’s gifts, must somehow be shared with one’s larger community. True heroism does not result simply in personal gain, it generates ” comunitas“, a transformative cultural moment that elevates and values community members equally. Comunitas is a powerful force that ,as “Aescylus” put it-makes gentle the life of this world.

And as the Toolbox week progresses one realizes that one’s group have been transformed into a comunitas = (a small supportive transformative common wealth that serves to connect one not only to others in the group, but to one’s deeper values and ideals to our humanity itself). We have it in our power to begin our world again, we have the power tore-create, to gleefully heedless of the old order and convention re-write the mythology of ourselves. This is what one might find in the mythological toolbox, a new world and a new self hiding in plain sight and just waiting for the emerging experienced craftsman of the self with the proper vision and tools to set in a bold and beautiful relief… Now making ones mode a receptive opening of the heart is important, this is more about the esoteric inner path, than about acquiring and consuming with no regard of the impact each one of us have on the immediate environment.

Although we are surrounded by “a war against everything” possible… and yet I feel there is a sense we are in the midst of a period of massive change almost unfathomable change. We no longer inhabit our grandparents world, nor, given the accelerating pace of change, will our grandchildren live in ours. It seems part of a natural process as humanity gropes his way towards that inevitable “change of vision” and if so, is there any way to hasten the process? What vision guides us now and how do we get from here to there… Is Utopia attainable, Armageddon unavoidable, or might there be some third path open to us? Does the imagery of myth offer clues to what lies ahead? In terms of the Bodhisattva of joyful participation in the sorrows of the world embracing life in all its agony- ecstasy and throwing oneself into the fray.

So to say, willingly (instead of narcissistic withdrawal from the world)… but recognizing that the world will always be troubled , doesn’t mean that we don’t work toward goals to what we might promote peace. The new year arrives as it always does, it’s monthly waves beating against the shoals of our lives, and we collectively carry on content to limit the erosion and not be entirely washed away. Generally people don’t ask Why? They live the way they do… at least they don’t ask with genuine curiosity. Why? if it is uttered at all, is it uttered as a lament.


Blessings to all with light on the dawn of this new year.

Love and light,


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A Clairvoyant/Psychic gift cultivated since a very young age, under guidance from her Grandmother (who comes from a lineage of shaman and psychic mediums).

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