A Simple Guide To Understanding Archangels

By Luke: Angels are kind; working in mysterious ways when they are called upon to help guide us, protect us, and much more. However, many times they are misunderstood. To further understand the way angels work, let’s relate them to humans and our ways of life.

The same way that you would kindly address a friend to ask for their help, angels very much appreciate when we call upon them kindly and respectfully. Angels are known to avoid and ignore hostile, aggressive, and anxious atmospheres. To make sure that you are in a peaceful and safe state of mind when calling on an angel, immerse yourself into a deep and peaceful meditation, envisioning your Anahata (heart chakra) as an open and inviting place filled only with love. Imagine yourself as an astral being. Turn your heart into a place that you would be happy to enter as an angel. Avoid treating angels as servants. It is disrespectful and they will be offended by this sort of treatment.

luke3 When your heart is prepared and you are ready to receive and accept an angel, call upon the angel you are seeking assistance from out loud. Speak kindly and genuinely to the angel and feel comfortable with the thought of them entering into your energy space. Demands are ignored by angels, so when seeking assistance from an angel, ask politely and do not expect results immediately. Listen carefully for the angel to speak to you. Sometimes messages are communicated much more quickly, or much slower than we communicate as humans.

Just the same as humans, each angel has a different job, a different specialty. Asking a mechanic to perform surgery would not be very useful. Knowing which angel to call upon for a certain task is important.

Envision the result that you seek from the angel you have called upon, and be detailed with what you want, but do not become attached to the outcome. Have patience and accept that sometimes the result you seek will take days, months, or even years. In rare cases you will receive immediate results; however, more often than not you will notice gradual progress over an extended time period.

A list of the Seven Archangels with their functions:

Archangel Gabriel – The Angel of Guidance

Archangel Gabriel associates with the colour white. You can ask for assistance from Gabriel in the areas of organization, and life path awareness (usually concerning education and/or career). When seeking items for your home, pray to Gabriel. The spiritual effects of this angel’s abilities can alleviate feeling discouraged and replace these feelings with joy and accomplishment.

Archangel Michael – The Angel of Protection

Archangel Michael associates with the colour blue. His purpose is to protect people who ask for his assistance from all sorts of physical danger, including accidents and attacks. These can include physically aggressive situations, traffic accidents, home invasion, and even spiritual attacks or forms of witchcraft. There are instances where Archangel Michael will mend your spiritual faith and aid you to become more confident and less fearful.

Archangel Raphael – The Angel of Healing

Archangel Raphael associates with the colour green. This angel specializes in soul, spirit, mind, and body healings. Raphael will help you to find and keep comfortable shelter, food, and clothes. When Raphael is with you, he can help your doctor to make the correct diagnoses/decisions. This angel will open your eyes to the truth and heal damaged emotional states.

Archangel Jophiel – The Angel of Illumination

Archangel Jophiel associates with the colour yellow. The special ability of Archangel Jophiel is to help people through certain mental struggles such as addiction, memory loss, testing, and the ability to retain information. The spiritual benefits that this angel can provide range from showing you signs to direct your life path in the right way, to being able to connect with your higher self. You will find that this angel will occasionally uncover secrets/lies.

Archangel Chamuel – The Angel of Love

Archangel Chamuel associates with the colour pink. This angel directs their focus towards forgiveness, compassion, mercy, and understanding. Calling on this angel will guide you towards repairing relationships (romantic, family, and friendship) as well as making new friends. Self-improvements to seek from Chamuel include increasing self-esteem, ridding yourself of guilt, and clear your self-condemning thoughts.

Archangel Zadkiel – The Angel of Joy

Archangel Zadkiel associates with the colour violet. This angel is one that is present in almost any person who seeks their guidance. From creative like actors and performers to engineers and computer programmers, all people of all professions can benefit from his presence. This is the angel to pray to if there is a temporary or mundane issue to be resolved such as arguing amongst children or technical issues with machines. Spiritually, Zadkiel fights for freedom of the soul, happiness, justice, and mercy.

Archangel Uriel – The Angel of Peace

Archangel Uriel associates with two colours – purple and gold. Uriel solves issues of unrest in all types of relationships, including personal, professional, social, and family. This angel is usually present with people in social careers such as nurses, counselors, and teachers, but can also be with others who ask for his help. Feelings of resentment and hostility can be released with the help of this angel. Those who have lost faith often seek this angel’s guidance.


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