8 Signs You Have The Gift

By Sarah: As more and more of us are walking through our ring of fire – facing the very worst life could bring us, but then walking through the other side victorious – many of our Gifts to the world will start to awaken. You may dream things before they happen, or sense that someone’s vibe is a bit off. You may find when you meet with lots of other people you have to wash when you get home because of all the energy that you have absorbed.

Here are 8 ways to know you have the Gift:

1. You find yourself waking up between 3:00 or 4:00 every morning. It may just be to get a glass of water, or you may find you need to sit up with a cup of tea for half an hour. This hour is known as the witching hour and as more and more of us become more spiritual and humble in our approach to life, we will find our sleep interrupted. It’s perfectly natural and a sign that you are awakening.


2. Strangers and those known as ‘crazy folk’ will seek out your advice and guidance. It’s important to have boundaries – you cannot help everyone. Do not build a house for someone when you only have a wall. More and more people will be drawn to your inner Light so you need to be aware of how powerful it is. You do not meet anyone by accident – so even when you are at work realise the Light you bring to others – it is so valuable and you have earned it.

3. Full Moon and Dark Moon will affect you. You are not imagining this – the cycle of the Moon shifts the tides in the Ocean and it shifts the water in your brain. However, once you start working WITH the moon cycles rather than the Roman Calendar months – you will find you start to feel more ‘in-sync’ with the Universe. So from Dark Moon to Full Moon think about things you wish to attract (your thoughts create your reality). When it is Full Moon to Dark Moon focus on everything that must be removed from your life journey.

4.Animals will be VERY attracted to you – it may be spiders in your home, or a beaver that visits, a hedgehog or even a snake. Dogs and cats will communicate with you and you will have a greater sensitivity towards the needs of animals. You may even start to change your diet to avoid eating animals. This is very common when a person is Ascending.

5. You can SMELL the weather changing – you can sense storms and may even get bodily symptoms. You may find that the various seasons start having a deeper meaning to you and you will feel very refreshed when you have been out in nature – so try and do it everyday. Literally – hug a tree. Take a dog for a walk. Take a swim in the ocean.

6. You feel you don’t belong in this world. And that’s okay. Gradually your tribe is starting to come together, and like a magnet those who resonate with you consciously will be brought into your life. Just have patience and go with the flow. Many are feeling a strong connection to Extra Terrestrial energy too. This is all normal and you are not alone.

7. Weird things happen when you feel emotionally tense and out-of-sorts. This is because you are going through a reality shift – like mini-paradigm shifts every week. And your thoughts create your reality. So if you are stressed out or exhausted you cannot consciously think clearly. This is why it is important to keep a happy balance in all things that you sense and feel. If this is proving to be hard – pop in and have a Reading with me. I will soon set you back on course again.

8. You are continuously getting repetitive numbers. 222 or 2121 – repetitive numbers are there to guide you. You mustn’t fear this – eventually every time you look at the time or at a number plate you will see numbers repeating. This is a wonderful sign that your soul is on a pilgrimage and that you are now working through karma and entering a new reality which is filled with richness and love.

Ascension is a tricky time and it is happening on a grand scale globally. Just know where your life is heading, and where you can be of help to someone be of service. But have boundaries and realise you cannot talk to everyone and anyone about these new Ascension symptoms you are having. But gradually you will start to meet more and more people who think like you. Welcome to a beautiful new reality where words will no longer be needed to communicate.


Love and Light,


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