6 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Close

By Edwina: Ever wondered when or where your soul mate will turn up? Are there signs we should look for, signalling a change in the tides of love? Or is just down to plain luck, which decides if we will or will not meet our kindred spirit?

1edwina2 Well, there is certainly no ‘how to’ guide available which can promise to connect every soul on the planet. But there are subtle signs we can look out for. Recognize two or three of the following signs in your life and you might just be on the cusp of finding your true soul mate! We all share a blue print with our true love, here are six signs they may be closer than you think.

1. The purpose of your life.
How good does it feel when we finally have everything in alignment in our lives and know exactly who we are and what our purpose is. To feel deeply connected to your soul’s journey and understand what your calling is, is to be on the path of your life’s divinity. To have that ‘flow’ leaves you in good stead for finding your soulmate. This is because when we reach this state, we are resonating at a higher frequency and this attracts others in like a beacon of love. If you do not feel you are in this present state, then look for what changes you can make in your life to help bring it about. Your happiness comes first and is key to understanding the path you should follow.

2. You start seeing love all around you.
If you feel you are seeing the beauty in people and situations all around you, then you are seeing the love in the world which surrounds us all. But why are you seeing it now and perhaps not before? Consider love. When we love another, we surrender our guard and let the other person in, with complete trust and belief. Therefore, to see love all around you is to be in a trusting reality. You have let your emotional guard down, and you are now open. Like a flower in bloom, we attract others into our lives.

3. Hunger for self-improvement.
To have personal goals of self-betterment and to act upon them, is to manifest what you visualize and internally desire for you. By doing so, you are inadvertently creating more energy and momentum to the magic of manifestation and to your external desires, such as your soul mate! Internal and external manifestation are a weighing scale. If you add more weight to one side, the universe will balance it out, with more weight to the other. For me, in a lot of ways, this is how cosmic ordering works. Visualizing is part of manifesting what you want, but physically making something happen will spark other things occurring. So if you are pushing the boundaries of your potential, then no doubt, your soul mate is too! For they are your counter weight too, and this will bring them closer to your proximity.

4. Opening up to new opportunities.
If you are not used to walking through the doors of ‘possibility’ but recently you have found yourself doing exactly that, then it could be, on a psychic level, you know your soul mate is close by. You are therefore searching and leaving no leaf unturned. Our urge to do something new or different is our subconscious breaking free of a construct which longer serves any purpose. Holding back in life can only limit opportunities and the possibility of finding ones true soul mate. Remember, taking a chance and subjecting yourself to a thousand heart breaks may prove painful, but pales into insignificance, once we do find our true love and happiness. No one ever said the journey would be easy, but it will definitely be worth it!

5. Your energy levels begin to increase.
Are you feeling higher intensities of energy during your day to day life? There is a vast presence of force which pervades all matter and space, many cultures have different names for this. Sometimes this force can become amplified. It resonates within everyone’s body. We are resonating and naturally your frequency is in harmony with your soul mates. So when you are getting closer to your soul mate, yours and their energy will increase! Imagine it like an instrument such as the guitar. When the A string is played we heard the sound. When two guitars play the A string (at the same time) the sound/frequency we hear is much louder and harmonizes together. It is therefore also important to remember; our soul mates offer us new vitality into our lives!

6. Romantic dreams occurring.
Before true love unfolds into your life, you might start to experience it manifesting within your dreams. You won’t necessarily remember with vivid detail what exactly happens in your dreams, but when you awaken, there will be an overwhelming feeling of completeness and purpose for smiling. When these dreams are reoccurring, it is preparing you for what lies ahead. Your subconscious is excited like a child on the night before Christmas, and this excitement is leaking out into your conscious mind.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Did you connect with any of the six signs? Or have they not happened yet? If you like to find your soul mate, but don’t know where to look, get in contact with me today. Let me guide you to your true love and find happiness.


Love and Light,


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