2018 Predictions For The New Year

By Edwina: In accordance with the Chinese calendar, we are entering the year of the Earth Dog, which won’t start until February 16th. This will mean people will act more courteous and polite with less emphasis on stubbornness to accept new trends and experiences. This though, is also laced with an energy of confusion in-sighted by an undercurrent of over complication toward situations arising from the depths of our subconscious.

Progress will be achieved, but it will rely upon the constant need for integrity and honor in our day to day engagements with others. Globally, positive events will therefore be encouraged and many will profit from these occurrences.

Now lets take a deeper glimpse into the future through the avenue of the Zodiac.

‘..and relax.’ This is how you will feel at the beginning of the new year. Any previous stress will dissolve away and a sense of peace will be reached. Do not become horizontal however, for work is still required of you.

♥ Love & Relationships
You will find yourself on a roller-coaster ride this year. There will be ups and downs, just remember though, it’s just ride! Enjoy it and live a little by taking a chance. Your heart is like any other.. dare to share it.

1edwina2 TAURUS
‘Change’ is the theme for you at the beginning of the year. Embrace it and come out of your shell. Don’t be afraid of others seeing another side of you. Even if they don’t like it, then perhaps the people around you need to change.

♥ Love & Relationships
The mystery of love illudes all at some point in life. This is going to be where you will find yourself in the new year. You might not know if you’re coming or going but life needs hidden mystery if its going to remain fulfilling. So go with the flow, as best you can, and rest assured; good things come to those who wait!

Surprise!.. like entering a dark room, ignited by the light of a promising future, you will surely feel the inertia this year. Go with it, for what will unfold will change the landscape of your life, in and around you. Do not carry any fear and embrace the storm, in this way you forge a new ‘you’ with new strength in mind, body and spirit.

♥Love & Relationships
Love is in the air! 2018 will prove to be quite poignant for you when it comes to matters of the heart. If you are single prepare for new love entering your life. If you are in a relationship, a big question may be coming your way. If marriage is already upon you, hold on to the romance, you will continue to discover new facets of desires staring back at you.

Do you feel like a doormat? Being trampled upon day in, day out, is no way to live. 2018 ushers in new energy of strength and defiance against those who might try to belittle you. This energy is sparked from a new found clarity which will help you identify people who are more of a hindrance than a help. It is a fortuitous time where you will focus on where the positivity is in your life.

♥ Love and Relationships
Well it would appear the attention is all on you this 2018. Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, all eyes will be on you. Like fire and ice, so will be your impulses in love. Balancing your emotions and urges will be key, while also embracing those you want in your life. Remember, family and friends are always nearby.

2018 will bring challenges. It is therefore a year for placing your energy on your family and loved ones. There is strength in numbers and it is support you may find yourself needing. Remember pride before fall is not always the best cause of action. Do not allow instability to shape your reality. Instead, take pleasure in the small things in life, we all take for granted sometimes.

♥ Love and Relationships
In love new fire will heat the body and soul. Allow your passion to flow and it will be well recieved. New adventure will be on the horizon and perhaps chance meetings can lead you in new direction. So be ready to be swept off your feet and remember; you have a lion’s heart, let your roar be heard!

Boredom surrounds your daily life which is very discouraging, when you remember the past and the things you once accomplished. A routine which no longer serves a purpose will need to change, yet not necessarily on a drastic level. Sometimes it is the small changes we administer which breath new life into our mental well-being. So find what it is you have always fancied doing and follow a new path.

♥ Love & Relationships
The holy grail of love illudes you Virgo. There could equally be some hard terrain to climb yet ahead of you. Treat this as a challenge to be had, and cease the moment. Remain positive and do not TRY to be self-confident, BE self-confident. You have all the tools and skill to prosper in love. Don’t question yourself, just exude your quintessential prowess and allure, that so many see in you.

Self-reflection is where you find yourself this year. Observing those in your life, weighing up the pro’s and con’s of others is natural behavior of all of us at some point. So do not feel guilt, find what makes you feel good in life. If there are those who do not bring anything to the table, then distance yourself. It will not be easy but you may find some running back to you, who might be worth reconsidering!

♥ Love and Relationships
In 2018 you might be in for a turbulent year! There is a possibility of potential break-ups and separation. Though this might present you with worry you should not! Where one door closes another one opens and sometimes this is for the greater good! Do not fear change if it occurs, embrace it and remember; sometimes break-up leads to make-up.

Money, money, money! You are favored to do well in 2018, so enjoy this year and manifest your dreams! Life will be rewarding and also a great time to review those who serve you well and those who no longer serve any purpose. Remember; if we are unable to let go, we can cause stagnation leading to toxic relationships. So roll the dice and watch lady luck open new doors of possibility!

♥ Love & Relationships
When it comes to love, Scorpio there is no holding you back and therefore this year will give you as much as you put in. Thats not to say it will be easy and for true passion to be discovered there is a chance getting burned on the way. Heart ache is hard but so is finding someone who makes us feel this way. Enjoy the ride!

Like the Camellian, you have a natural ability to adapt to your surroundings and play the part required of you at the time. This is more than an ability, it is a talent you have developed through your hunger for new challenges. This year may prove challenging but not how you would like. Try to not over complicate things, work your talent and be assured things will improve later in the year.

♥ Love & Relationships
In the realm of your love life though, things will be good! The palpitations being felt from your heart will create the rhythm of your life this year. So enjoy this period of your life, for the stars do not always align in such a romantic way as they will for you this 2018.

Feel empowered this 2018, for this will be a time to stand tall. Do not suffer fools easily, and no doubt you will not hesitate to say what you really think. With this in mind, do take your time in making decisions. Though brash behavior may serve you well from being pushed around, do not apply it to decision making. Take you time in decisions and take calculated risk into consideration.

♥ Love & Relationships
Buckle up Capricorn, for you are surely in for a ride this year! Expect for the unexpected, such as those profound moments in romance movies, arising in your life. If you feel this doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, which in itself; is quite a complacent response for a Capricorn; remember change can sometimes surprise us in ways we had never fathomed before!

Fortuitous Opportunity awaits you this year. Time will seemingly fly past, as you find yourself being whisked up by a wind new possibilities. Rest assured, you will not find a moment where it feels dull or disappointing. Instead the theme which follows, will ask of you to grab with both hands, to that which it is you want in your life. Be brave and gamble a little, make choices which will help you grow.

♥ Love & Relationships
2018 will manage to cram in every emotion one feels in love and relationships. So prepare yourself for this journey and try to keep in mind; all of these emotions we experience in love are part of the greater lesson know as life. At some point we will all have to deal with the ups and downs, but perhaps not in such a short space of time! Go with it for there will be plenty of joy along the way.

Preparation is key when it comes facing challenges ahead of you. Restructuring the dynamic between you and others will be important this year and will steer the direction in which you take your life forward. Try and remain positive during this transition and accept the circumstances you find yourself in. Where work is involved, you will find your mojo later in the year and enjoy others watching you succeed.

♥ Love & Relationships
There are plenty of fish in the sea.. and if you are one them, it’s time to get ready for change! You are going to find love in 2018 and it is going to reshape your life. If, on the other hand, you are already in a relationship, things will grow and develop in a positive way. You will become more bonded to your partner and enjoy life together with deeper meaning and purpose. This is a happy year for you Pisces.

I hope this insight will help guide you all on your way this 2018 and I wish you all a very happy new year!

Best wishes!

Love and Light,


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