12 Things That Sabotage Love

So you are searching for a great and lasting relationship…AGAIN?

When the universe is full of endless possibilities why do so many people attract the same, damaged mate over and over again? Why? The answer to this worldwide dilemma is easier than you think.

Everything is energy, thoughts and behaviour attract like kind. We do not attract what we want, WE ATTRACT WHAT WE ARE. While that statement may cause many to fear ever having a relationship again, it is a wonderful catalyst to heal what needs to be addressed within you.

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Most people go through their entire lifetime with emotional baggage, never realizing that what remains unhealed festers and grows and often into sickness or significant problems which cause suffering. Often, it is a form of self-punishment with the causation being, feelings of guilt or unworthiness. A lack of self-worth, self-love or a belief that one must suffer to succeed is often the foundation of such self-deprecating emotions. And all of that inner turmoil attracts the very same to you.

So how do you attract an emotionally healthy partner? Become one. Take a look at everything you are and be completely honest with yourself. Here is a good place to start;

* Do you lie, are you sneaky, calculating, do you snoop or deceive in any way?
* Have you cheated on someone or with someone who was married at the time?
* Are you hypersensitive or easily upset?
* Do you play the victim card and wear your feelings on your sleeve?
* Are you defensive?
* Do you listen to your partner or are you just focused on your side of the argument or discussion waiting to
jump in before they are through speaking?
* Do you create unnecessary drama because of wounds or past relationships?
* Are you always comparing your current relationship with your last love?
* Do you have trust issues, abandonment issues or any other issue which would negatively impact your partner?
* Are you excessively needy, clingy, jealous, insecure, catty, and possessive or are you constantly seeking
* Are you sick all the time with minor things like back aches, colds, headaches? Again all signs you have not
dealt with your emotions. Emotionality is the core to all sickness.

Ask yourself and be really honest…are you a blessing or a burden?

The key to having a healthy relationship is to work on you and self-love IS the foundation for attracting a loving mate. If you do not have a sense of yourself, complete with self-worth and self-respect, how in the world are you going to treat the love of your life?

A great way to heal your emotional wounds, is to channel that pain into something constructive like art, sculpting, music, dance, martial arts, yoga, tai chi, running, exercise, walking and of course the ultimate healer is learning how to go within through meditation, preferably a chakra meditation and do it every day. When you meditate, truly get quiet, stop thinking and stop emoting, higher solutions begin to unfold and you can actually begin to hear your inner and outer guidance or angels. You also bring in the highest light of creation which then helps shift your frequency; the higher your frequency the healthier you are both physically and emotionally. The more you meditate, the greater you connect with your angels and guides and the highest solutions for your life begin to come effortlessly.

Everyone at some time or another has emotional baggage, the key is to unpack it, sort it out, put it in perspective, address and heal what YOU DON’T WANT in a mate, then polish the other areas which make you a blessing to those you love and the one who will love you forever.

If you would like to know more about HOW to heal your issues, please get in touch with me, I have been a spiritual guide and teacher for more than 23 years.

Wishing you healthy and satisfying love,


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2 thoughts on “12 Things That Sabotage Love

  1. Jernicer

    I have had my up and down for 6 years now i have feeling for two men’s right now but other one don’t stay that for from me and this other man stay to for from me long distance relationship and I’m not trying to hurt no body or break they heart help me out here please I’m just trying to find that right soulmate in my life and settled down with and start a family together i been missing my good luck such as money, love,relalationship, job,school how do i take advantage in all of this with out missing out on it

  2. Liz

    Hi Isabella, everything you have written in your article is so timely and accurate. I have gone through a lot of changes recently and have grown closer to God and become more spiritual. It is funny how the simplest things that we say to each other that we’ll do are the hardest things to practice. Like “Loving myself” and “Becoming the person I am trying to attract in a partner.” Who knew that trying to love oneself would be so difficult? Lol. As I said earlier, me finding your article is timely because very recently I thought of naming my kid Isabella. The universe works in mysterious ways. I can see you are a very special lady. And I hope you continue to do the good work that you are doing. God’s blessings!!


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