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Accurate and clear guidance from your heavenly guides!

Zora is a naturally gifted, accurate, direct and compassionate Tarot reader who can guide you on your soul's path. As a Certified Angel Card Reader, Zora is highly empathic and can coach you through the tough times with angelic love and light. Not only will the answers you have been seeking about your love life and life purpose be unveiled but you will be given the divine tools to handle them.

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About Me

Of Eastern European background, I first learned tarot reading, divination and dream interpretation from my family and have been reading since I was 8. I am quite clairsentient and clairaudient however I am also naturally very gifted at energetic reading. 

Finding divination to be such a natural way to get answers, I took my passion and skills further to the next level and completed Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader course to hone in on my skills. Although I was raised as a Christian, I am a first degree practitioner in the Eternal Flame Coven and have studied for two years on an eclectic Wiccan path and have a great respect for all religions. 

Because of my personal path, I am able to amalgamate my readings with the guidance of God, ascended masters such as Jesus, deities of many pantheons (Greek, Slavic, Celtic), the angels and the Fae in harmony with your personal guides and guardians to provide the most accurate advice for you. 

Often times I find that my clients guardians have been subtly leaving messages for them and I can help you to decipher those messages also. After all, your intuition is your divine connection and often all you need is an interpreter. Your angels will never intervene on your behalf unless you ask directly, and by asking me to speak with them, I can trigger divine assistance and/or intervention for you.

I am here to provide you with more clarity on whatever topic you require, whether it be through oracle readings, tarot readings or dream interpretation. You will come away from our readings feeling empowered to handle any situation that presents itself. You will be reminded that you are never alone on your journey for help is right before you. 

I send you much love and light and look forward to chatting with you soon.

Many blessings, 




Certified Fairyologist
Certified Angel Card Reader
Certificate II in Floristry
Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and History)
First Degree Practitioner - Eternal Flame Path
Certified Fairyologist (currently completing)
Certified Realm Reader (currently completing)


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